Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What I Did With My Evening

I made a kimono! A practice run for the drama class today, where we will be attempting to sew more of them. I have two spare sewing machines, birthday presents that need to be given a test run, anyway. The sleeves are what make this different, as they go all the way to the floor. This child's kimono took almost six yards of fabric! As it's just a costume, I didn't line it, because that would have been twice the cost, fussy and heavy. However, this satin frays like crazy, so lining it would have been a good thing. I just zigzagged the edges, and it'll work. The flash on this picture is unfortunate, but it's 5:00 in the morning, so there's no sun. Why is my kid up at 5:00 in the morning? Don't know. Sometimes it happens, but thank heavens, not often. She's gonna be crabby by tonight! Oh, and she says to explain that the first picture is her saying "Konichiwa."

The Husband's sock is lurking in the picture, trying to make me feel guilty, but I'm making black-bottomed cupcakes today, cutting out more pattern pieces and taking care of the two-year-old, so Mr.'s sock will get some attention this evening, most likely. I know you'll all realize how easily entertained I am, but I love working on little purple needles. Click, click, click, it just makes me happy.

Well, the early riser is looking bored, so I'll go give some attention there. If anyone has figured out how to clone themselves, would you toss me an email? I'm really desperate for this contraption, and I just know it's out there. Otherwise, how does everyone else make getting things done look so easy? Notice the cropped pictures? Messy house. Help! Cloning Machine! Cost No Object! (That last part's not true, but you tell me about the cloning machine, I'll make you a servant to work off the cost.)


Nora said...

Konichiwa to you too - she looks great! x

Carrie K said...

That kimono - and model - look great! Especially for 5am.

The mittens are cute. The house is fine. And you know if you cloned yourself, the chores would just expand exponentially.

msubulldog said...

Thanks for the comment on my baby socks. Your kimono is really fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

The kimono is really gorgeous!

Connie said...

Hi carrie, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. And no, I haven't caught up with all the work I need to do! I'm just good at diverting myself and wasting time!

I am in awe of your sewing abilities. I wish I was a better seamstress, but my sewing starts and ends with mattress stitching my knits together! :)

tatjana said...

What a cutie! I must say, she looks mighty cheerful for 5am - I don't think I could manage it ;) Hope you had a good time sewing up more kimonos, I love the purple!