Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh, what a day...

I had such a terrible day yesterday. It was the kind of day when you just want to take a quilt to the couch and pull it up over your head. I was so done with dealing with people, even my own... I was trying to do too much, I think.

First off, I'm new to this working from home thing. I get stressed if the baby asks for something while I'm on a business call. I try to wait for her nap, and hope it's longer than ten minutes. Then someone gets a tad difficult on the phone, when I'm trying to be pleasant, pleasant, pleasant. Not fun, but okay. I take a break to knit. I didn't tell anyone yesterday, but I started the Chevron scarf while knitting with Arleta, and I hated it. It was not Chevron-ing at all. It looks, honestly, like striped yarn. I tried three times there, then took it off the needles and threw away the pattern. I have never done that before.

I tried to open a checking account for the business yesterday, but the girl who has been helping me (the one who's been leading me by the nose) wasn't there, had in fact left for the day, a fact they didn't tell me for twenty minutes. So someone else can help me? I asked. Sure, they said. Have a seat right there. Sat. After a fair amount of "busy time" by the lady, I could come in. She looked at my documentation, agreed it all looked fine, and could I have a seat, she'd be right back. I did not sit down. I was getting unhappy.

She looked and looked, and it quickly became apparent to me that she had no idea what she was doing. Okay, I'm nice. I'm nice even when I shouldn't be nice. (I have a really hard time being not-nice). I explained that I had another appointment, and perhaps I could come back after it, and sign something? Oh, she was relieved. I left my phone numbers (this part's important), and went off to order drama club shirts and pick up my kids.

Back at 3:30, kids in the car acting like maniacs, and the lady is on the phone for a very long time. My kid starts waiving at me like crazy, so I go to see what they need. Nothing, she says. She just loves her new shirt from the t-shirt shop.
Lady still on the phone, I leave.

I take a break to knit. In fact, I hate being beaten by a pattern, so I dug the yarn out, recopied the Chevron pattern, and tried again, in an effort to *de-stress* from the phone calling (which I don't like to do, anyway, even without difficult people). The first time I knitted it, it looked like it did yesterday.

So I tried again, with knitting one row and purling the next, thinking perhaps the pattern was wrong about knitting every row. It didn't look like the pattern, although something was now going on, and it was curling.

Then I ripped, asked the kids Oh-So-Nicely to be quiet (yeah, right), as mommy was getting a bit of a headache. I tried again, and it seemed the colors just weren't showing up, though bringing the yarn to the front when slipping did make it look somewhat like the picture. I yelled at the kids again (why do they have to be so loud?), threw the yarn down and went to make dinner. (Perhaps they needed to be fed?)

After the loud dinner, where my daughter cried because I didn't care who got to sit in the favorite seat, as long as someone did, I started getting that couch feeling (see above). I was marginally interested in reading stories, so I got to play a get-out-of-jail-free card and laid on the couch, vegging. When I got up this morning, I realized that my scarf looked like this:

I do believe it's chevron-ing, even if the colors aren't as contrasting as I thought they would be. Must have been why I just couldn't see it yesterday. I like it. It's made from Plymouth Encore washable yarn, and it's soft, soft, soft. And see how happy the kid is? Apparently I don't upset them as much as I worry I do. She seems fine, and even as adoring as yesterday. Phew.

Oh, and finally, here is what happens when mommy works and leaves the two-year-old to do her thing for a bit....

In case anyone has read all the way down this far, I got my checking account today. Apparently the computer was down yesterday (and they could have called me. See why the phone number leaving is so helpful?) Instead of working around the baby's schedule, I brought her in with me today and let her create havoc until they managed to get me out of there. Hooray! Business checking! Today seems to be going better. =-)


casapinka said...

Oh I feel your pain at leaving things to the 2 year old! We love them to death but just *wish* they came with a Hoover attached, or a passion for putting things away, rather than the opposite!

P.S. Love the orange scarf. Great color.

Anonymous said...

So that's the secret to getting things done at the bank - bring a small, active child with you :)

The scarf looks great and I love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the working mom world, it can be interesting :0)

Carrie K said...

The scarf does look great! and very chevron-y. It's not a huge contrast but it's enough to easily see.

The joys of working from home! My best friend did for awhile with her two kids but eventually pretended to the neighbors that she wasn't because they had her signing for packages, picking up stuff.....all sorts of things I couldn't believe they'd ask of her.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know you'd had such a rotten day. You are always so pleasant when I see you! You really are too nice, sometimes.

Bringing the youngin' to the bank was a great idea! hehe

p.s. in case blogger is being weird and not saying who this is ~ it's me Arleta! :)

Marlene said...

I remember those days. Now fortunately, my "children" are all old enough to fend for themselves. We're still working on the "clean-up after themselves" at times though.

My Marrakech said...

I feel your pain. I work from home, too, and you are right -- it is stressful. It's so hard to be efficient. But at the same time it's fantastic in many ways. I keep hoping it gets easier:-)

Mama Bear said...

Glad the 2 year old got the job done and congratulations on the bank account set up.

Good luck with the business. Start up is a lot of work and a lot of phone calls. A headset can be great... knit while you talk or are on hold.

Cordless with headset is the best when a 2 year old is involved. The person on the other end doesn't have to know you are running one to the potty while talking to them ;)