Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Present! For Me??

Last night, on a whim, I called my mom and asked her to dinner. My excuse was, I already had to go out for bananas and butter, why not throw in a margarita or two? She agreed with me, and I escaped from the children and headed out for an awesome steak burrito and drinks. When I went to pick her up, what did she have for me?

Presents! This is a knitting bag, of her own design. On the outside are nice long narrow pockets, to hold my straight needles all in one place, and on the other side are shorter, slightly fatter pockets to hold the dpn's. (I still haven't found the ones I lost over the holidays) The inside is nice and roomy, lined with a pretty blue, with inner side pockets to hold some skeins of yarn or scissors, tapes, all the usual stuff you can't find when you want it. Not only was this incredibly sweet of her, but she made one for my friend! I'm so impressed/geeked out/humbled by her "Who needs a pattern?" attitude. Very cool. Thanks, Mom!!

I didn't blog yesterday, as I was in recovery from drama club. Ten people wanted to sew, and five people thought they'd give acting a go. That means there were three adults for five kids acting, and, um, me. For ten kids sewing. Some of whom had not sewed before and thought that sewing fast was comparable to race car driving. "I win! Did you see the way I went around that corner? I cut three seconds off my time by cutting in so far - haha!" At least there were no injuries. Some of the kids were very dedicated to doing a good job. It's just that for five seconds I was helping someone pin a pattern down, and when I turned back, a kimono was taking on a new shape. I'm going to see if I can pick out the stitches, but the fabric really frays, so I may just make another trip to the fabric store. I'm starting today, so we'll see.

Other surprising news? I had to get a tax I.D. number from the IRS yesterday, and they were nice, helpful, transferred me quickly to the right department... I had to gear myself up to make that phone call, and afterward I was so happy that I escaped unscathed. The IRS was nice to me! Now, I realize I wasn't trying to explain why I couldn't pay my taxes this year, but still, it was a happy experience. Remember "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" on t.v., and it was the guy who worked for the IRS who won the whole kit and kaboodle? He was so cocky, wasn't he? Wasting his lifeline on the last question, just to inform his dad he was about to win. I thought Regis was going to have some fine words for him, but somehow he held back. (Paycheck, perhaps, or the realization that the guy could have him audited every year for the rest of his life?) Well, I've held that impression of the IRS dude in my head ever since, sometimes just shaking my head as I drove the kids to school. How conceited! How sure of himself! Well, thankfully, he doesn't answer the phone for people who are hoping to start a new business. Phew!

Today will be much the same as yesterday, with me slogging through the house and hoping people will call instead of visit. I'm going to get this place cleared out eventually, I just know it.


tatjana said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish my mom was the margerita type ;) It sounds like the kids got pretty excited about sewing, that's awesome! Glad you made it out unharmed (by the IRS too) LOL

AR said...

You mean me? Wow. Your mom rocks! Hope I didn't ruin a surprise. hehe

Too bad I can't sew a straight line, or I'd offer my help. Trust me, you'd be better off letting all of the kids sew the wardrobe than me. I'll stick to helping with makeup when you need me. :)

AR said...

Ooh, I just went and checked your link, and I have been looking for that recipe! Thanks.

Mama Bear said...

The bag is great and the mom/daughter night out sounds wonderful!

Catching up on my blog reading... so a little behind. I enjoyed the tale of the race-car young sewing crew. Thanks for the smile. The kimono looks great.

How's the spinning going?

Anonymous said...

Wow, how nice of your mom!