Friday, January 19, 2007

A quickie.

I've been waiting to blog so I could post some mitten pictures, but since that's going to be tomorrow, here I go. I went to our elementary school the other day and asked how they were doing for warm stuff for the kids. I saw a huge box of hats, but the secretary said they had no mittens left. For some reason, even though the weather is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, kids are coming to school with bare hands. I don't know the situations, poverty, lost them and didn't tell mom, whatever, but the kids have to go outside to play anyway, mittens or no. So they're standing around with their little hands scrunched up or stuffed in their pockets. So my mom and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought some gloves (for the marketing world, it's spring, so they're really on sale), and have been knitting the last few days. I take a day to make a mitten, so it's a little slow. =-) But I'll post mitts pics tomorrow. Together, we'll have come up with ten pairs, and then I'll get back to my regularly scheduled knitting. The school probably needs more, but this is a start.

A half day at school today, so I get to try out my World of Warcraft Burning Crusade edition today. Yahoo! That is, if I can wrest it away from the kiddies. New bad guys, new places to explore. Honestly, people, you wouldn't believe the graphics they can do on computer games now. It's like watching a movie. Sometimes I just sit there and marvel at the scenery =) It's nice of them to put in such beautiful backgrounds. I think I'll visit the desert with my mage today, just to take the chill offa me. Seriously, I've been chilly for days. I'm trying to save the planet (can't do it alone, folks!) by keeping my heat turned down a degree or two more, and apparently I was right on the edge of warmth to start with. And we sit in gloom so much now, but I think we can get used to turning the lights off. I was listening to NPR the other day, and they said that people were acting like electricity was free, when it's really 25% of our global warming problem. As I sit typing on my computer. I'm spoiled, spoiled.

That's it for this morning! The kids are clamoring to get to school early (must have great teachers), so off we go! Keep warm!


Anonymous said...

How sweet of you and your mom! Kids should have warm hands!

Anonymous said...

That is SO nice of you & mom to make mittens!

Marji said...

Hey Carrie, which elem school? Can you believe the kids without hats and mittens? Good for you for providing them. Although I have to tell you that I'd be buying them and not handknitting mits for the grab-bag at the elementary.
My kids went to Central Grade School, we lived a block away on Wadsworth.
PS, while global warming is real right now, more of it is due to the cyclical nature of the universe than how high your heat is on, so don't feel too guilty turning it back up a degree. Those claiming that human behavior is the sole cause of global warming have a political agenda.

tatjana said...

It is just so awesome that the two of you are making mittens for those kids! And good for you for trying to save energy, I try as well, but not enough, sadly. Good luck with both :)