Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome to Monday!

Last night I finally got a bee in my bonnet and decided to wash my first spun yarn, single ply, very chunky =) It was fun, but I can see I have oh-so-much practicing to do. I'm hating to use the pretty green roving next, because I still need to work on my technique, but that's the only roving I have, so there! I've got to go much finer, because it expands so much after washing. Goals! I love em.

Here is also a picture of the pretty spindle I bought. It's got inlaid wood, which my husband likes, so asthetically it makes him happy, too!

Other than this news, the new business continues on a pace. We figured out last night that, because our business is on a shared server (cuz we're not making any money yet), we aren't in charge of the backups. To actually retrieve any information from a backup that the service provider performs, it's $150. Yes, that's right. And they don't let us back up our own stuff, cuz we're not paying for a better account. Guess we'll have to fix that! In the meantime, though, ouch! Heaven forbid you actually need to get your information. Boring, ay? If you want cool knitted stuff, go see Arleta's blog. She's been busy crafting for a great cause. You can, too, if you have the time. It's a very sad thing the family is struggling with.

The sun is shining, and there's snow on the ground! It's good to be here in Northern Michigan. It was two degrees Farhrenheit this morning when I got up, but let's not dwell on that, eh? It was a balmy 17 degrees by the time I got the kiddies to school. We were trying to psyche ourselves out that it was getting warmer, but the baby cleared us up on that when I took her out of the car. She said, "It's not warm! Cold!" and she tucked her hands in and buried her face in my shoulder. Yes, dear. You can't fool the little ones. =)


Anonymous said...

hehe, that little one is smart!

I think your first handspun is awesome, and I've seen it in real life!

Jeanne said...

Very nice yarn! What type of fiber is it? Beautiful spindle!

Anonymous said...

The spindle is really pretty. 17 degrees?? ACK!!

Mama Bear said...

The spindle is lovely! Great job on your first yarn.

Anonymous said...

Shoot me your snail mail addy (to talamorgan at erols dot com) and I'll send you some fiber! I have batts, handdyed domestic wool, Merino, or Falklands, or BFL. Really, the stash is insane, I can part with some for a new spinner (and a shameless plug, my etsy shop has batts and roving, too:

Good luck with the fledgling business! What kind of business is it? I know it must be hard wrangling toddler and work (I have a hard enough time wrangling toddler and knitting!) but I would KILL to be able to work at home! Earning money without leaving the kid with the in-laws? Priceless!