Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finally, Mittens!

My husband is laughing right now, because my 2-yr-old just tried to grab my scissors, and I told her no. So she looks at me and says, "But I just want to hand them to you, Mommy." 'kay. I let her. She stabs me in the hand with them. *sigh* I should have seen that coming.

Anyway, mittens! I should never type "mitt pics tomorrow", because, as country singer Garth Brooks would have it, "If tomorrow never comes..." That's a terrible quote, and nothing to do with the song, but it keeps running through my head as it takes several days for me to get all the mittens together for a picture. They're little party animals, apparently, and it's hard to pin them down. Clearly, I'm not going to get the red pair of mittens my mom made (she also made the black and yellow ones), so I might as well post pics of the three pairs I have. Also, my husband's sock-in-progress snuck into the photo, so apparently it wants to join the fun, too. It's ready for a turned heel, then on toward the toe! Just a K2, P2 pattern, so lots of stretch for a sure fit. Now, with the mitten knitting done, I can go back to the husband's sweater, and I'd like to start a scarf for my Christmas knitalong. You make one little item a month, and hey, won't I look awesome at Christmas?? So the scarf I'm thinking of is a Chevron scarf, from Creative Knitting magazing, July 2006. Looks like fun, and very do-able.

We took the kiddies sledding yesterday, which was much fun. It was only 20 degrees out, but there was no wind, and lots of sun, and we all ended up hot. A good time was had by all. Even the little one liked sledding, and last year she just screamed when I suggested it would be fun. And yay, we all got outside! We are definitely a computer family, and it was nice to breath fresh air and get away from artificial lighting. Also, I was the mom who brought hot chocolate for everyone. It's so rare that I can take care of a little detail like that, and it makes such a difference in the day, that I felt pretty good about myself as I pulled out the thermos. Actually, the husband trotted and got it for me, so he was part of the "make it happen" action, also.


Anonymous said...

The sledding sounds fun, although COLD (I live in Florida, remember)! The mittens are great!

AR said...

Aww! She just wanted to help. :)

Yeah, del, cold! I heard it's going to be below zero next week. Sledding is fun, though.

trek said...

Oh, man, with the scissors!

tatjana said...

Yikes! I hope they weren't pointy. I haven't been sledding in ages! I love it, but we don't often get a lot of snow here, and this winter there hasn't been any. We were supposed to get some last night/today, but the weathermen are a pack of filthy liars! :P lol
ps. that video i put up was choreographed, but I saw a couple others that were totally improvised and they were *amazing*