Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Eek! Quick, a UFO!

I finished a UFO project for January, but apparently didn't post the picture. Good thing I took a moment and checked! It's part of a knitalong started by Kat with a K, and a darned good knitalong it is, too! As soon as I get a half hour, I'm going to figure out how to put the button up and have it go to the correct place, not just a picture on my computer. Anyway, the Hermione hat.
I love this hat so much. It's current, and pretty, with lots of stuff going on, so I didn't get to knit and watch t.v. It's exactly the type of knitting I'm enjoying right now, which is something that requires concentration and isn't just plain stockinette. (Perhaps this is why the husband's sweater is still a UFO?)

The husband's sweater is my UFO project for February, though, because if I just suck it up and knit the front, ta da! He'll be able to wear it and be warm, warm, warm. It's made of fisherman's wool, by Lion Brand, and the pattern is very simple. I shall finish this sweater! Thanks, Kat, for the motivation.

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GretchenBun said...

Very nice! I love the color and the texture!