Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's that noise?




No, that's not the water faucet you're hearing.

I was knitting away on my shawl pattern - have I mentioned that I've never knitted anything like this before? - and the family is watching "Deal or No Deal." (Poor Howie with the OCD thing, ay?) So I'm trying to figure out how to do a double increase in one stitch, and they're saying, "Mom? Would you stop now? Would you turn down $49,000?" And I caught myself thinking, "Don't you care if I do well????" So I had to put the shawl down for a bit, and tink out the last row at a later time, since I couldn't fake my way through being a stitch off. I'm loving the complexity; I always love complexity in knitting. Plain Jane knitting is okay for when I'm reading to the kids, but after nine years of not having enough time to concentrate (again, I love the kids - not complaining), I'm ready for some difficult stuff. I can't imagine how I'm going to get this done, though, if it's going to require this much attention and focus. Fun! =)

Here's a picture of the beautiful Arctic Diamonds Stole by Del. Isn't it just beautiful? I'm so jealous of the color and the design and everything. Lovely, lovely. If you have a second, go tell her how pretty it is. Compliments build good karma, and who doesn't need more of that?


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, thanks, Carrie!

And YES, lace requires concentration, doesn't it? No way can I watch game shows (or Hell's Kitchen, my guilty pleasure TV for the moment) while I'm working on that! If I had to tink back, I think I'd lose it, LOL.

Jennifer said...

Yes, that's the thing about lace knitting, it requires all sorts of concentration! The FO is so worth it though.

AR said...

I hope you don't have to tink far!

Laura Sue said...

I don't know why, since you're on my feeds, that I haven't been getting you before today. Hmm. I'm happy to see the progress on all of the shawls. I can't join right now, though, as I have a "three things on the needles" rule and would have to finish something first. One of those is a sock--my first. I'm not sure about them socks! Anyway, glad you're back on my bloglines feeds--the post about the deer and wildlife was great as well as the toad villages. Love it.

Jen said...

Your shawl is very pretty. I love doing lace. But with 6 little ones I just can't do it. Trying to count and track my place on the cable socks is enough. LOL!

www.knittingnutter.com said...

Congrats on getting started on the shawl - can't wait to see your progress. I've had to put mine on hold for a bit to finish off the cardigan for my daughter in time for her birthday.

Del, absolutely beautiful - you pro you!

Brigitte said...

Just lovely! I love the shawl pics, thanks! Gives me some inspiration to keep plugging away on mine.