Friday, June 15, 2007

Some Shawl Progress

This is the fun part about a KAL - pictures for us all to enjoy! Here is the Snowdrop shawl from the Harlot, being knit by Asa, of KnittingNutter. I'm very impressed by your choice. I looked at that shawl myself, but I don't think I'm there skillwise, so I'll live through you.

I have to post what my daughters and nieces made last night - toad villages! They're to encourage the toads we have around our house to stay, stay, STAY! Apparently toads eat about a hundred bugs a night, so we now love toads. Aren't these little houses cute? That's a flag on a stick, between the two houses, and they have their own drinking pool. This first one is built practically under a pine tree, lots of shade, but right next to the garden (go get those bugs!).

And I realized this morning that one of my favorite things about blogging might be walking around with knitting, looking for a good photograph.

That's a second toad village, more like the city, as it has little stone paths, so sayeth my niece. Cute! And the dishcloths are from a link I found on CriminyJickets (excellent blog name - I love it) a week and something ago. They're really quick to do, and if I make another one in blue, I'm going to save them for a gift, so I can post them on the holiday gift along site.

If you want a laugh, go to Cheryl's site from Hither-n-Yarn. She posted links to a couple of hilarious videos of what to do when you spill wine on your laptop. Apparently, I'm not alone. What I'm actually doing is working from an old monitor, which, when hooked up to my stylin' laptop, works fine. It don't travel, but it'll get me through until I can figure out how to replace my laptop monitor. And I'm thankful for it! I really, really need to spend the twenty bucks and get a data pen to store my stuff as a backup. Plus, it's funny, because as I type, keys keep popping off my keyboard. Whoops! Just lost the "T". Highly entertaining, actually. I'm glad I'm so easily amused. =) Thank you, everyone, for your helpful comments, shared stories and funny suggestions. It's really nice to have met you people. You can really shore a girl up when it looks like she's thrown away a laptop she hasn't finished paying for.

I've started my shawl, but I had to go buy yarn at my LYS. The yarn I ordered never came, and I couldn't wait any longer. I should give me my money locally, anyway, right? And I can always use more yarn, when it comes in.... green socks, anyone?


Carol said...

I love the toad villages! Great idea. We're lucky enough to also have lizards and birds to eat bugs too. I don't like to dump chemicals on my lawn. Your knits are nice! I always liked the round cloths. Hmmm The Snowdrop shawl is pretty amitious, but it'll be worth it. Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

The toad villages are so cute!

Have you heard of the Dishrag tag yet? :-)

Anonymous said...

Asa's shawl is really coming along; I don't think I'm quite up to the Harlot's skill level, either.

The toad villages are cute, but most of ours get eaten by snakes!

Asaknitter said...

Thanks for posting my progress. It's not as hard as it looks. Lots of repeated snowdrops - like the deceptive difficulty, though. It's like being told you are really clever, when you are just being devious, he he.

The toad villages are very cute. Glado to hear you are finding ways around the computer problem - you clever person!

AR said...

Ooh, cute toad abodes!

I should tell everyone that you're definitely skillfull enough for any knit! I know, cuz I see your pretty knits in real life!

My yarn shipped the other day, but I've been practicing the chart on some scrap yarn. It looks so neat!

Good job to Asa on her start of her shawl! Pretty!

Kathy said...

Love your Crimeny dishcloths. One of my favorite things about knitblogging is also finding good shots.

Toad villages are great. Do you have to buy the toad? I don't think we have toads in Glenview. I must check our nature center and ask. I LOVE your villages.