Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's new with you?

Been a couple of days, but I think my wrists are better. My house is such a mess that I couldn't find my wrist splints. When I went to price out some more, they were almost twenty-five bucks each! So probably I should just hire someone to help me clean my house. I've spent the last two days smiling at the mess, and saying things like, "We have such a nice home. I'm so lucky." It's all in the mind, right? And thank you all for your kind comments on my midnight appearance. It's so sweet having Internet friends! For a woman who has hardly been out of the house in nine years, and then not socially, I truly appreciate it when people take the time to give a compliment. Too sweet.

I told the girls I'd knit them hand-warmers in green for St. Patrick's Day. At our school, the kids pinch you if you're not wearing green. Pinch you! Hands, please. Who else went to a school that did this? My daughter's green necklace broke one year, and she cried for two days at the kids' cruelty. I didn't know that everyone didn't do this until I mentioned it at quilt night one day. I met a person who was shocked, and I realized this town isn't a map for the way the world will treat you. A fish bowl? Yes, indeed. But not everyone pinches you if you're not doing things their way. (right? Right??)

I've been fighting off some infection for a few days, and I'm just exhausted. The doc had no idea what it was, but gave me some prophylactic antibiotics and took a "wait-and-see, you complainer" attitude. (No, he didn't look like that. I love my doctor. He knows I don't come in unless forced to) The kids at Drama Club today are going to be astounded by my laid-back attitude. Maybe they'll respect it and work harder? I'm going to bribe them with pizza. They're 4th through 6th grade kids, and I keep thinking offering them nice things will be better than screaming, "Five more practices! What is WRONG with you people??? Learn your lines!!!!" The performance is racing up on me, and there's suddenly lots to do - advertising for the play, getting props, finishing doctors' coats. Deep breath. Told the doctor I'm under no extra stress. Must continue to pretend this is true. And that's the update with me. What's new with you?


Carol said...

Hope you feel better, nothing like 20 things to do to keep one "together" ;-)We got pinched in school-LOL

Mouse said...

My son (who is in kindergarten) frequently gets hit, shoved, smacked,spat on, pinched and generally mauled by the children on his bus and at the school.. and thats just while under my 'watchful eye' at the bus stop. Its like a form of greeting for these little monsters! I get so sick of being the 'bus stop police' because I'm the only parent around... but I don't want my son hurt either.

AR said...

Yeah, Lil' AR will be wearing green handwarmers, too. I thought everyone got pinched on St. Pat's day if they weren't wearing green. Of course, being from the town you're speaking of I should know better.

Poor Lil' Mouse Man. I know what Mouse means about being the 'in charge' parent. I hate to do it, but if none of the other parents are, then someone has to.

Carol said...

LOL-We did get pinched in school, but it was in Philly. The ballwinder thing just reminded me to pay a little more attention-I'm just groggy these days:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I got pinched when I lived in a small town, but don't remember this after we moved (thank goodness!).