Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I got nothin'.

I have gotten several very nice comments in the last week about how I can write blog ideas about, well, nothing. I can take the ordinary, the mundane, the inconsequential things that make up your day, and blog about them (hopefully in an interesting way). Well, I hope I remembered to say 'thank you,' because all I could think was, 'That's all I've got, people." =) Seriously. I'm parenting in the trenches most days, where you just put your head down and do the next thing that needs to be done. Now that the youngest is nearly three, I have started to look in the mirror and think about make-up. Sometimes I even wonder what the back of my head looks like, but not often. We've had this great business idea that I'm working on, but need to find more time for. My husband and I got involved in the school drama club, because our local school is small, hit hard with budget cuts, and there is nothing in that vein for the kids. But, to be honest, without my mother as 'kid care coordinator,' the drama club wouldn't be getting done at all. Yesterday I did five loads of laundry, and my husband still couldn't find any socks this morning. *sigh* My life is full of these little moments that I actually find pretty entertaining, so I try to share them. *giggle*

Now, in my alternate life, I'm verrrrry important. Aliens watch me to figure out how people work, they see me cuss under my breath and write notes, et cetera. Or I'm a brigadier general, with all those troops doing whatever I say. Like that one. You can borrow it, if you want. Or I'm a starlet, shopping on Madison Avenue, with an unlimited credit card. What I am not is one of those girls living at Hugh Hefner's ranch, fawning on some old guy who gives them lots of gifts. Sorry. That just jumped off my fingers onto the keyboard. I had to stay up late last night, waiting for a kid to go to sleep, and nothing much was on....

But mostly I don't think my life is any different from most anyone else's. Sure, some people are policy makers or professional skiers. But the major number of people are just like me, with the same common stories, which I try to share in the interest of our sameness. I find it very comforting that I'm not as different as I always felt in grade school, and that most of you are like me. Now, the people in my local area all seem very reserved and cast in the same model, but I know there are lots of people who are more normal, like me, because we trade email addresses and stuff. =) Blogs let me learn about your kids and concerns, travels and even knitting and other creative endeavors. I likes it. But now I'm going to go put on my princess gloves and dress the baby, before taking her out of the castle. Have a great day!

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Nora said...

I love your writing style - entertaining (without going over the top) but, more importantly, it's REAL!
I think I first started to read here when I followed a link about your husband's quilt. Now, I'm hooked! x