Monday, March 26, 2007

Gee, I had some great pictures

Unfortunately, I am such an idiot, I deleted them instead of fixing them up by cropping, lighting touches, etc. Rats! And it was such a beautiful day for pictures. I'll have to try to take some more tonight, but you know they'll never be as good as the first... sigh. I finished the second Hermione hat, and I love it so much! Will show pics later, when I have the kids as mannequins again.

I got an email t'other day, as you probably did, from Lion Brand, and there was a pretty cool scarf pattern in it. Now, I like me a good story, and it will frequently sell a pattern to me. In this case, the story's hook was the lady saying that they always had many, many scarfs in the winter clothes bin, but were always vying for this one. Well, this is so the way I remember my childhood. As kids, we never even questioned where all of those scarves came from, they were just (thankfully) there. So I went scrounging in the stash, and found some pretty green Peruvian wool from Knitpicks, and cast on. I lowered the stitch count and used #9 needles, and I really like it. It's soft, the patterns are interesting, and quickly change to something new. I don't know if this will be a gift or go into our winter clothes basket, but I'm enjoying it. There was a better outdoor pic of it, but I erased that, too. *another sigh*

So I'm pleased to report that I have been knitting, but for the last week, I just didn't have anything to show for it. Now, finally, warm weather season! I've got some pretty summery tops in mind, that I will guiltlessly cast on for, as soon as I finish the husband's sweater. It's so very close to done! Needs to be put together, and for some reason, that's the hardest part =(

Oh, and you know how I love to ask for advice, so here goes: My daughter, age 2, got very, very dizzy this weekend. She couldn't walk across the floor, because she said it was falling. She even got very concerned if you walked across the floor, because it looked to her like you were going to fall. It was not fun, she was very scared, and of course very uncomfortable. We waited a day, and took her to the hospital when it was still happening the next morning. At the hospital, she was a little dizzy, but then cheered up and ran all around like a perfectly healthy kid. The E.R. doc didn't find anything wrong with her ears, but said there might be fluid built up, and we should give Sudafed or something to clear up any fluid that might be there. We got home, she started doing it again. Is she faking, because it happened before? (Maybe) Is there a weird gas leak that is only affecting the baby? (Maybe) I'm really quite clueless. My friend has an idea of something it could be, but she won't tell me, so I guess it might be pretty terrible. Let me know if you all have any thoughts, because - as I so frequently see - many brains are better than one (or in this case, just mine).


Lorraine said...

Carrie- Nice scarf- pretty color.

Definitely have her ears checked and make sure she gets enough fluids- kids are resilient, but can become dehydrated quickly.

LaurieM said...

I googled "dizzy child" and got this link:
Did you feed her between her dizzy episode and when the doctor saw her? That might account for the change if it was low blood sugar.

I would watch her closely for anything unusual. Monitor her temp, make sure she gets enough to eat and plenty of fluids, and of course take her to the doctor if anything gets worse.

Good luck.

Laura B said...

Has she been sick at all? I really hope everything is ok. It's so hard when kids are sick!

Brynne said...

Sending prayers and good wishes your way -- it's so hard when little kids don't feel well.

Tala said...

Hope it's nothing serious with the little one! Could be low blood sugar, that's for sure - fingers crossed that's all it is!

Thank you for your kind words on my blog the other day. It helped to hear that it's okay to be stressed out and a little nuts. I think it's just spring-in-Pennsylvania blahs. It's always cloudy and dreary and chilly in early spring, so the date on the calender means nothing, and I think it gets to me in a big way! Thanks again!

Brigitte said...

Hey Carrie... I would definitely get the ears checked again... Poor little munchkin!

I love your scarf, the colour is great!

Nora said...

Carrie, take her to your family doctor for a check-up as soon as possible. Did you give her the Sudafed?

Jeanne said...

I'd take her back to her own doctor for a check up if it continues. Pretty scarf!