Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Heyyy, no fair

I haven't gotten any email since Saturday =( I have no idea why. My husband suggests I should reboot my computer. I will say nothing further about that suggestion, unless it works. Ahem. I am biting my tongue, and shall probably regret the surly feeling I'm having right now. I checked my comments through the site, though, and thank you all so much for the suggestions of what the babe's problem could be. I got some very useful insights, and I appreciate it!

I know you thought you'd see hat pictures, but we worked all last night on the drama club. We've only got four practices left, so things are getting close to the wire. In lieu of knitting pictures, I thought I'd post the kimonos. But I can't find the little cord that plugs into the camera, so I'm going to have to do something else entertaining.

Okay, these two nuns walk into a bar... no, no. That won't work. The punch line isn't as funny, even, as the thought of two nuns walking into a bar, at least for me.

The scarf continues on, and is very fun and soft. I've got summery patterns on my mind, though, and am pushing all other projects guiltlessly back into the bin, so I can knit spring fever items. Also, the Harlot is coming to Ann Arbor, while my brother is coming to visit my fam, and I'm trying to figure out how I can make both things work. I would love to go see her, but Ann Arbor is terrible with traffic, and I'm pretty sure I should just park at a mall and call a taxi. Working on it.

Sudafed is helping the young one, by the by. When it wears off, she grabs you or the wall, but otherwise is jumping on the couch happily, so the dizziness is getting better. (I know this because of the lack of injury after jumping on the couch. She would never admit to feeling better, though, because I believe she loves all the attention she got over the dizziness) Had a nurse look at her last night (Thanks, Mom!) and she agrees it's probably a middle ear issue.

You all have a great day! I'm off to pack lunches!


Anonymous said...

Glad the little one is feeling better! I hope you can get to see the Harlot, really.

AR said...

Only four more practices? Wow!

I want to go to AA and see the Yarn Harlot, too. Probably won't be able to, though. Wah!

Lorraine said...

My son had that- fluid in the ear can knock your eqilibrium off. So the decongestant will help drain it.

Glad she's better.

Mindy said...

Glad the sudafed is working. Ear problems are a real pain, for everyone.

I hope you get to see the Harlot. Of course, I might be a little crazy and drove five hours to see her on her first tour but she was fabulous. I am hoping they add a stop that I can get to this time.

Asa said...

Glad to hear the little one is feeling better. I hope to see yarn harlot this year too - she's coming to Victoria, BC, so I just need to hop on a ferry to get there.

Erin said...

Maybe I'll see you in Ann Arbor on Sunday. The traffic really isn't bad on a Sunday afternoon - and the library is really easy to find.