Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Feels Like a Monday

The kids go back to school today, after a very relaxing spring break. They're pretty sure it was a winter break, though, judging by the amount of snow out the window. Back, back to the grind! Only a few more drama club practices, and we'll be performing A Thousand Cranes, a true story of Sadako Sasaki, a girl who discovers she has leukemia ten years after the atom bomb was released on Hiroshima. It's not a comedy, obviously, but let's cross our fingers that it goes beautifully. I read the script for the hundredth time, and still choke up on the ending. *crossing fingers*

I went to the doctor yesterday. I had an appointment written in my book, but I was absolutely clueless what for. I went, though. I knew they'd charge me for skipping the appointment, so what the hey. The doc came in, we looked at each other for a long minute (no, not a soul-searching look. Found that guy already! hehe) and he said, "Umm, you were having headaches?" OH! Well, I'm better, thanks. Good, good, he says. Off I go. Apparently my headache left along with my memory, but it was a nice trip out of the house.

In a effort to ignore the snowglobe outside my window, I've been planting seedlings for flowers. I have never been a gardener, but things are going well! Now I don't know what to do with these little guys, as they're going to grow out of their little egg shell container pretty quickly, but putting them outside would be murder.

Oh, and a blurry picture of some socks I made for the middle child. Regia cotton sock yarn - love that stuff. I'm wearing a pair right now. I haven't started any more socks, which is unusual for me, but I shall finish a couple of things, darn it! I shall stun you with finished products, soon.


Carol said...

Very nice socks lady! I thought I was bad at the Dr's. Kept the older one home from school, got to the office and the nurse said, "Uh Carol this appt is for you." Oh-These things happen I guess. Better than still having headaches right? I'll bet the play is going to be fantastic!

Romi said...

On first glance I thought the seedlings were chocolates in a box! That just shows you where my brain is tonight! :/