Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well, I took a stress test, and...

Your Stress Level is: 65%

You are prone to stress, and you're probably even pretty stressed right now.
Life's problems seem to pile up on you, and this often makes you feel depressed and burned out.
Learn to take time to relax and enjoy life, even if things are stressful. It's the only wa you'll get through the bad times.

Hey, I took a stress test. I got it from a link at Amputeehee, and she is having a hard time of it lately. Her stress level was quite high. So I thought, eh, I'll see what mine is. I'm probably off the charts, too. Only 65%! My husband walked by, saw it and said, "Hey, we could start another business!" Haha.

I spent a glorious night last night watching House and Boston Legal. I meant to watch the movie Click, but good tv was on last night. My husband went to bed early, so there I was, knitting like a fiend, until my right arm started to hurt. I have to figure out what I'm doing wrong with my needle positioning or something. One should be able to knit like a fiend for two hours without pain, methinks.

Oh, and my two-year-old is addicted to the bananaphone song. You can find it here. Very funny stuff, except I can't get near my computer without the smallest kid in the house trying to kick me off.


AR said...

I think I'd better stay away from that stress test right now!

TheAmpuT said...

HA! Should you need someone to prevent you from starting another business, just let me know and I'll throw a few of my stress percentage points your way LOL.

And I'm doing a bit better these days. I swear at least 10 of those percentage points was NaBloPoMo!

g-girl said...

I love the bananaphone song!!! When I taught preschool, we'd sit in a circle and the kids would pass around a toy banana to the song. It's very addictive. lol. good luck tearing her away from the computer!