Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sock Stuff

All righty. About this baby sweater. I saw a sample on , and the free pattern is from There are a lot of free patterns on that site, and some good help information. I love that people will do this for free! Thank you! It's not that I don't buy patterns - I do, and a lot of them. But it's so nice that people post free ones for when I'm overcome with the urge to create, at night, and none of my patterns will do. Go check out the yarn-y goodness! Very nice.

And yay! My friend won a sock yarn in the Dutchikins contest! I'm happy for her. I haven't entered any contests, but how fun to win something! She says she never wins anything, so thankfully she won't be able to say that anymore. There's some sock yarn I've been coveting from Patternworks, but it's $18 a skein, and I want two different colors if I'm going to buy anything at all... Now, I know no one is going to get me a gift certificate there for Christmas, because no matter how much I ask, my family doesn't give gift certificates. The point is, there's no point in waiting til Christmas. SO! Mr. Visa? I'm being responsible.... still coveting. One of the colors is called Whiskey, which I think is so interesting, because they've gone and captured highlights as if sun were coming thru the liquid, and the darker amber color, and somehow made it, well, whiskey-ish. How cool! So - what? The person was sitting there, staring at her bottle, thinking, "I could capture that in yarn...." Isn't that neat to imagine? Just an odd thought that went thru my head as I was driving home. Not thinking about whiskey, mind you (the day wasn't going badly at all), but thinking about yarn called whiskey. The other color is Ocean Waves, and I just want to see it on my feet. I'll roll up some change later and see where I'm at. Hee! Have you ever knitted socks for yourself, looked and them and thought, "Well, I don't really NEED these. I'll save them. Maybe someone will need a pair." What's up with that? It's okay to have too many socks. And I gave hand-knitted socks to my mother-in-law for her birthday and she. did. not. like. them. She thought I was crazy. Now, MY mom would love more knitted socks, so I keep that in mind. But still. It's okay to keep stuff for ourselves, people! But I wait. Maybe a sock swap would be a good idea. That would be fun.

I'm not even going to try to upload a picture right now. Blogger let me try eight times yesterday morning. He (yes, must be a boy) kept telling me he had let me have what I wanted, then when I looked, nothing there. I dated a guy like that once.... I'm not giving him another chance right away. I'm off to knit with Arleta now!


cps said...

Boy you must knit really early (4:30 a.m.) Hardy har har:) Don't let the MIL get you down. You know non crafty people don't get it.
The yarn you describe sounds beautiful, can't wait to see it. Wish I could knit with you guys. Have fun:)

AR said...

Whiskey, huh? LOL. I love free patterns, too. Which sweater are you making?
You know one can never have enough handknitted socks!

Hey cps, you know you can call me anytime for knitting!