Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Days

I've been working on writing a business article all morning. Now I'm over here blogging, because I've been pecking at the article for so long that I have no idea how it sounds. SO - a little distraction, and then I'll read it again. I have a work-at-home business, which is immensely helpful, since I have three kids I cart all over the place. For this business, I get to write an occasional article, as well as making sure everyone in the company is happy, happy, happy. (I love my jobs) So I'm sitting here this morning, just clicking around on the Internet, looking for inspiration, and I thought, "I love this." I always thought it would be great to write commercials. I had an image of myself, bouncing a ball against the wall, waiting for inspiration. Well, in a way, that's what I'm doing now. I'm not trying to sell anything, but I can write about anything I want, as long as it would be interesting to people with small businesses. How cool is that? Life was not always this cool, people. There have been times when it has been very, very hard, and likely will be again. I am, however, the victim, or the beneficial recipient, of a foggy memory. Some things I know people would consider really terrible, and those things were really terrible while I was going through them, but I don't really connect with them now. They aren't who I am at this moment, and that's just fine. I just feel very definitely as if I am defining who I am. There are times when all I can do is put my head down and get the next thing done, and those times happen every day. But I'm in a good place right now, and I'm old enough to appreciate that it will not always be like this, so I'm really enjoying it every single day that it lasts.

Drama club starts seriously rehearsing tonight. So far this year we have been doing improv and working on skits, very fun stuff. I'm interested to see how things will go now. I have a feeling they will be much crazier! If anyone has any advice of what to do with the kids that aren't on stage at that moment, please let me know. Just something to keep them busy and, um, relative quiet would be great.

No knitting to show, because Christmas is breathing down my neck, and I can't show any pictures of what I am up to. But I have been seeing so many beautiful pictures of fair isle knitting on other people's blogs that I'm starting to think something like that would be fun. Maybe a pillow.


cps said...

Have them make cranes, Paint back drop scenery, possibly costume stuff??? Listen close to the play in case they need to be a stand in?? Whatever you do, it will be good because you guys are doing a GREAT job

Laura B said...

I'm the same way about memory. I can never hold a grudge against anyone for that reason. I think it's a blessing.

AR said...

Glad you're finding happiness! You are a fun person to be around, and I think your happy rubs off on me a little!

Teach them to knit! That'll keep 'em quiet! haha
What did your dd say about knitting today? The gauge thing went right out the window. We only had time to learn a knit-on cast on, and knit a few rows. Oh well, as long as they're having fun.