Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Soothing is good.

HeeHeeHee. I've got my girls helping me to wind up my yarn skeins. The leftover ones from projects, some of which are pretty big. The pay = a dollar an hour. It didn't take my older girl long to deduce that winding four skeins in an hour was the same pay as winding one. But we had a nice talk about doing quality work for the way it makes you feel good. Then my younger daughter said, "Why can't you just use the skein as it is?" Ahhhh..... I have clever children. Of course I wasn't giving them busy work! When they wind the skeins, they find all the knots and smooth them out for me. (Actually, they say, "Mom! Knot!" and I come fix it. I'm paying for this?) But my husband came home and last night and wondered why the house was so quiet. Our house is normally very. crazy. noisy. And now I know - not only is knitting with yarn soothing, but winding it calms you down, too. Well worth the dollars. With three kids, folks, soothing is good....

I found the cutest sweater on a free pattern site that I just have to make for my pregnant friend. She wasn't expecting to get pregnant at this stage in her life, so surprise! And she's nervous, as all soon-to-be good moms should be. What gift to make? Well, I found with my girls that you just can't have too many blankets, so a quilt will be had. Also, though, I appreciated every sweater. Not only is there not a lot of money to go shopping, there is definately a shortage of time. It's actually easier to sit at home and make a cardigan than it is to drag three girls to the mall. (Soon, I know, I won't be dragging them - they'll be dragging me) Also, I'm thinking a baby sweater won't take as long as the sweater I'm trying to make for my husband which is just. inching. along. It would inch faster if I would pick it up, but the yarn is thicker (Fisherman wool), and the color is bland, bland, bland. That is, it's natural. I should have let my friend Arleta dye it before I started, but I didn't realize the coma knitting it was going to put me into. I accidentally left the boot sock I was making for my daughter in the car last night, and instead of working on hubby's sweater, I just didn't knit. For one thing, I don't go outside after dark. We live in the country, and there are wolves and bears and now I understand a cougar running around. After dark, things in the car stay in the car. But how bad must a sweater be to choosing nothing over knitting it??? I have to think about unwinding it or finding a way to fall in love. With the sweater. Already in love with the hubby.

And why are my comments turned off? Does anyone know? And how will you tell me? Haha. Seriously, if you have a clue, could you go down to a comment on a lower entry (I don't have many yet) and give me a hint? I'm also going to be bugging some guy at the Blogspot Help Desk to work for me on this one. I'm sure he/she will be able to fix it without pulling their eyes away from the election results. It just can't be that hard to fix, when you've got a little knowledge. ..... Oh, wait. I got in there and played around a bit (Did you know there's a section entitled 'comments'?), and I think I have it. I'll upload this and see. Smile! It feels good.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog thru Arleta--welcome! I also have 3 kids, so I know, he he. Love those hats & mittens you did!

AR said...

You figured it out!
Unwind the yarn, and I'll dye it any color you want! hehe. See you tomorrow for knitting! Right?

Glad you're doing a sweater, because every little one needs one!