Friday, November 17, 2006

A Change of Plans

Well, Pooh. My husband has been reading the blog, and suggests that, while blogs should be personal, perhaps he might be getting a big embarrassed. Well, okay. Let's not put in a mushy, gushy poem by someone you don't know, and just suffice it to say that it was a great gift of monumental proportions, and I'll never live up to it. Oh, and people are coming to photograph it tomorrow, so there shall be cleaning to a detail rarely seen around the house... Sorry about the teaser of a poem.

In knitting news, while the camera has been down, I have been knitting a bit. Things seem to be taking me longer than normal, because I can't seem to make myself do a stockinette stitch. Too many vanilla sock patterns. So here's the baby sweater to date, though it really should be done by now. It's a top down pattern I got from the free pattern site I'm using the recommended yarn, which is Bernat Softee Baby Yarn, and it is so soft and nice to knit with. It just feels good to stop and handle the sweater. Of course, there's been a nasty cough going around this house, so I'll be washing it before it's given, and I'm really hoping it retains that softness. Anyway, the skein of yarn was really big, and I'm sure I could get two of the sweaters from one $6.00 skein, which is a rare event in my house. I usually have just enough yarn left to do nothing with.

Norovember is moving right along, so I believe my next job should be finishing up the Noro jacket I made last month. I used Noro Silk Garden Silver. It was by far the most expensive yarn I have used to date, and I enjoyed it a great deal. There were a lot of knots in it, sometimes one just a yard from the last one, which made my grind my teeth a bit. But I loved working on the yarn. I finished the knitting, blocked the pieces and put it away. Seaming is no fun! So I need to find a good movie and, as the Nike man would say, "Just do it." But to hasten myself along, or to shame myself into finishing this before the end of the month, I show you the blocked pieces. -- Oh Ho! I tried 3 times, but Blogger wouldn't let me. The fates don't wish me to be hurried. Huzzah!

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AR said...

Lady, you are an insomniac!
Oh well, I bet everyone will let your hubby off the hook.
Your sweater is cute. Looks even better in real life, of course.
Cough? Ooh, we've been spared so far. You know what will happen now, though, don't 'cha!