Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hello, You! Hello, Me! Welcome to my blog. I first got into blogs by reading knitting blogs, so there will be some knitting content. I used to quilt, so there will be some quilting content (as Christmas gets closer). I teach a drama club, so there will be some drama! Heee. Probably would have been that anyway, as I have three daughters, and am looking forward to lots of drama in the years to come. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last several years, so I am looking forward to finding my voice again. Other than, "Don't do that, it's not safe," I'm sure I have much more to say....

The Barefoot Cobbler blog name is my husband's idea, as he says I never make anything for myself. Most of us are like that, I think. It's what makes crafters such good people to know. We're giving, sharing folk. First blog deduction: More people should create! It triggers a wonderful right brain thing, fulfills us, makes us happier people. Elizabeth Zimmerman wrote, "Make something. Housecleaning and dishes will be there every day, so make something." You'll be a happier person. I quote this to people, and I'm sure they'll begin taking my advice soon.

And why blog? People ask me that, and I have so many answers! It's to share, in a society where sharing is so difficult to do. We're busy running around, and it's not always easy to find like-minded people who will understand us. Also, we all think about things in the middle of the night, important things, clever things... and we don't always get a chance to share these clever things, or even to adequately explain what we mean. Slow down, people! But I don't do it myself. It's just good advice. So do it if you can, have sympathy for others if you can't. That's important, too. And make a blog, if you'd like. It's fun.

I'm off to teach Sunday School, but I am really looking forward to this blogging experience. Let's hope that you and I find that I have clever things to say!

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AR said...

I love your blog! You have such wonderful, positive things to share!

Your knitting looks great! I've seen it in person, but you didn't let me know that you're such a speed knitter!

AND- I love the hat and mittens for the little friend; she did a great job picking out the colors. She is a creative girl. You and your mom are so sweet to make them. They look wonderful.