Friday, November 24, 2006

Okay, It was fun.

Having a photographer come to the house was really surreal. He snapped and snapped while we joked around, and a not-awful picture came out. Sure, my head looks big, but everyone looks cute and all, plus my husband got recognition for a really amazing gift he gave me. What was really funny was how we forgot to mention it to any of the family, and they were all a bit irritated with us for not giving them any notice. Whoops! Surely, our lives are too busy, when we can't even find time to talk about being in the newspaper, for goodness' sake. STITCHED WITH LOVE
Husband learns to sew, surprises wife with quilt
"Rob has the usual reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving: terrific kids and a wonderful wife. This year, he is also thankful for something else. After nearly three years, he completed a remarkable gift that he had been secretly constructing for his wife Carrie — a one-of-a-kind quilt."
Nice, ay? He's a good guy.

Thanksgiving was very nice, with beautiful warm weather and outdoor time to walk off all that turkey and pie. No crabby family members! Well, me, a bit, but baby hadn't had a nap, which always makes me crazy. Then, once she's asleep, all my stress seems to seep away.... Yet another evolutionary trait to help us rear our kids. Thanks, Higher Power!

I've also been "The Finisher" these last couple of days, but I'll share that tomorrow. I'm off to enter the cyber-world of gaming with World of Warcraft, long may it be played! After that, I hear that "Sphere" is going to be amazing.... some time I'll learn how to link all of these things. Gotta have Arleta over soon. She's my blog trainer, from See? I need to know how to do that better....


Marina said...

Wow, Carrie, you are so lucky. The quilt is fabulous. Well done, Rob. My only foray into quilting was a disaster!

Nora said...

I came here from a blog that linked to your newspaper story and all I can say is... WHAT A GUY!!

cps said...

Kudos, kudos, kudos, what else can I say. You know how this story has afftected me from day one - goose pimples and purple puddles. You have to be the LUCKIEST girl I know to snag one like that. Hope you two will have time to sit and quilt it together soon. Have you set a deadline???

AR said...

Yeah, last time I was over we forgot to do the computer stuff.

Everyone out at the cabin was talking about your quilt. Yay, Mr. Barefoot Cobbler! You Rock! I told Hubby to let SIL's husband read it, but then I changed my mind, 'cuz it might give him ideas. She's spoiled enough. hehe. I made sure to have my Hubby read it, though.

The first time I heard about it, I didn't quite "get" what a special gift it was. But, now I do. Wow!

g-girl said...

everything looks great! the baby sweater, the quilt you're making, the IHS you're working on and I've already commented on that gorgeous quilt your hubby made for you! :) I think the holidays are all about finishing! That's what I did too. :)