Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just a quick note on my -alongs.

Well, 'tis the last day of the month, so I'd best post my 'alongs. I have a Unfinished Object Along through Kat with a K, so I need to mention that I'm still working on the husband's sweater. I also finished the mittens from forever ago, that I had going. That picture is in the last post I made.

A couple of posts down, you'll find the socks for my Holiday Headstart-along, much fun, through Spinnerella. Now, I've lost my information about that -along, so I can't enter TypePad yet and post on the site. BUT I did complete the socks, which is one more gift out of the way! I love that. Very exciting.

I also have the Knit From Your Stash-along, from WendyKnits, and I'm still mostly adhering to it. I have had to buy supplemental yarns, if I didn't have enough to complete something, but I'm not counting that. My budget is so grateful that I haven't bought any sweaters' worth. Yay!

So no pics on this entry, and I'm only in three -alongs, except for a KnitOff from Yarn Monkey that starts very soon! I keep checking my email to see when to start. Wheee!


Carol said...

You just reminded me I need to tally this month's WIP. I slipped off the wagon, but it was the Koigu I tell you! That's my story, am I'm sticking to it.

BigAlice said...

Dang, knit from your stash AND the UFO-along? That's too much pressure for me