Monday, February 05, 2007

What I did during the Super Bowl

I finally found the perfect use for the Fisherman's Wool sweater! Nothing could have been better for working on while watching the game. Almost nine inches of the practically stockinette got done, until the fourth quarter, when I finally lost my enthusiasm. (For the game or the sweater? You guess) I thought the Bears put up a good fight, though, and it was a fun game. The kids, in fine tradition of their mother, were jumping and yelling and could hardly be contained, there was so much energy in the room. Now, it looks a little wonky in this picture, but I'm hoping things will smooth out on blocking. There might be a couple of tension differentials in this particular piece of knitting. =-)

And I got to see the artist formerly known as Prince, during halftime! I was way excited about this, because I know he's done some incredible work since the 80's. I was so sad when he came out and performed his 80's stuff! Do you know what this means? It means I have reached the point of middle age where my generation is being mass-appealed to, by placating us with music from our youth. Oh, yikes. Is this how the baby-boomers felt when their retirement plans started being touted, when in fact they were all about fighting the man, and property being theft, when they were young? Of course, my kids had so, so many questions, since I was quite excited about seeing Prince (insert symbol there, please). "Mom, why does he have that cloth on his head?" "How do they make the smoke?" "How come he changed his name to a symbol?" "Is he famous, or his dancers?" Puh-leese. I was trying to watch! Can't a mom get a little love? Of course, when they got to the curtains blowing up, with Prince silhouetted behind them, my husband said that he wanted a set for Christmas. TeeHee.
Well, I enjoyed the game so much that next year I'm having a Super Bowl party. I didn't even consider having one this year, but I should have. It would have been fun. Here is a picture of the hand warmers I zipped out for my daughter. She was silently jealous of the other child's orange scarf, and I noticed, of course. She was so happy, she wore the hand warmers all day! They're just sport weight acrylic, a modification of my mitten pattern, with the cable being from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks book, then the cable reversed for the other hand.
And the pot pie I made for dinner was so pretty, I took a picture. I'm such a square. HeeHee. Today is a snow day, so more baking will be done, as we try to keep the house warm! The poor furnace is working overtime, as wind chill is between -15 to -30 Fahrenheit. I'm also starting holiday socks for the Holiday Knitalong, but I'm a little concerned. I don't think I can make these before the end of the month. I wonder if one sock will count?


Laura B said...

Those handwarmers are so cute! What lucky daughters you have!

AR said...

hahah! I LOVE Prince. He changed his name back, ya know. Lil' AR asked about the cloth on his head, too. Isn't that funny?

Cute glovelettes. I don't think I have enough yarn to do the cabled ones I was thinking about. Oh well, I'll figure something out!

Anonymous said...

What a good Mommy you are! The handwarmers are very nice.

I definitely believe that one sock counts!

Anonymous said...

The handwarmers are adorable & the pot pie looks delish.