Thursday, February 15, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Hey, so it's Random Acts of Kindness Week, didja know? Me, neither. I found out about it on Friender's blog, and I highly approve. I am the total biggest fan of random acts of kindness. I was explaining to my kids what they were, and I realized that RAofK are completely what I am trying to teach my kids about. There is a good force that moves around the world, and it is helped along by doing kind things, thinking kind thoughts, and smiling when you don't even feel like it. It's my blog, so I can tell you 'bout the good energy that is in the world. If you make a wish? That's moving some good energy (if it's a good wish, not like the time I wished my brother would get sick cuz I was so mad at him). There's negative energy, or how would there be good? But fight it, peoples. Negative energy = the sux. So move some good energy around. Help someone. Leave a 20% tip, if you can. Money is tight for us, but I know there are people who need it worse than I. But certainly money is the least of ways you can move good energy around. Just look for it. Opportunities are everywhere.

Which reminds me of something I've been meaning to mention for awhile. I am so very grateful when someone is kind to me. I mean, really grateful. I know that there are people in the world who just expect to be treated well and for good things to happen, but I am so surprised when someone is good to me, or helpful. I haven't figured out yet why that is, but as soon as I iron my psyche out, I'll know. (It's hard to examine anything as wrinkled as my inner being) Anyway, that's something I've been working on examining, and I wish I wasn't so surprised when people were kind. I wish that I saw more goodness and worried less about the evil going on. Oh, and while I'm wishing - where are all the dragons? Don't tell me they didn't find some way to evade us. By all accounts, they're much smarter than we.

Vacation - going well. Took the kids to the zoo yesterday, then souvenir shopped. I told myself repeatedly that we are never. on. vacation. and we should have souvenirs! Made spending the 70 bucks on t-shirts and coffee mugs a bit easier =) And I'm knitting! Remember the socks I said I couldn't make in one month? I'm halfway through the second sock! WooHoo! Pics on the feet when they're done, which should be soon, hopefully before I get back to Michigan. Like I said, I'm jammin. I'm considering washing the spinning and hanging it in the shower, but I'm afraid of the maids, who are so efficient. They'll throw away that beautiful yarn or something. I was spinnin in the exercise room yesterday - heehee. No way to look like I was using the treadmill while the kids played, so finally we just hiked back to the room. I know when to give in to an addiction. Keep warm! We're off to museums today. I'll let ya know how that goes with a two-year-old....who was running away when I took the below picture.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are having fun (even with the 2 year-old runaway, LOL--oh, I can relate!!).

I wish people were kinder, too. It's not hard.

Carrie K said...

The zoo looks like fun!

Random Acts of Kindness Week? Uh oh. I seem to be doing more random acts of undeserved hissy fits. But you're right, it doesn't take much effort to be nice. And the world would be a better place.

AR said...

I'm so glad you guys are having fun! You deserve it!!


Rabbitch said...

I was looking for an email for you and I can't find one. It may be my fault entirely, we cannot rule out idiocy ...

Drop me a line at bunniegirl at shaw dot ca, willya?

My Marrakech said...

Okay, your post is prompting me to talk about random acts of kindness with my children today over lunch!