Thursday, February 01, 2007

Women, United!

Today I got to go to a women's meeting, from an organization that produces a magazine solely for businesses owned by women. Hey, that's me! thinks I. So I hemmed my pants (being not petite and not medium, simply shorter than average), put on some makeup and good jewelry, and considered the wardrobe. My pants were a bit snug, making me wish that I had actually bought a thong the last time I was at Target. My 9-year-old wondering what the heck it was stopped me. So, no pantyline avoidance there. Oh, well. We would all be women, right? Women are nice about pantylines. (right?) My other dress pants were a size bigger, and really too loose and hangy, which is not a bad thing, if you're into pantyline avoidance. But have you ever seen these? They're body shapers, and I swear that I was 15 pounds lighter than the recommended size on the package. Yet I could barely put these babies on. I now believe that their unadvertised purpose is to make you one full size smaller than you were when you started. My snug pants are comfy! Huzzah! I am going to go buy stock in this company. One sec...

Okay. Dropped the kid at Grandma's (thanks, Mom!), and off I go! My business cards didn't come in on time, which was too bad, as it was a meeting where people likely expected a card(!!!). But okay, thank you to the card company for giving me one less thing to keep track of. The meeting was cool. A bunch of women networking is a very cool thing. After the first couple of tries, I didn't even feel uncomfortable about pitching my business. Everyone understood that that's what we were there for! I give a womens-only meeting the total and complete thumbs up. And yes, someone told a phallic joke, but just one teeny one. *grin* And the guest speaker was all about how serious we all are, and how we take that seriousness home with us to our families. It was very motivational, about how are we going to be viewed, and how are we going to handle stress when it's thrown at us? I know when I'm being motivationally spoken to, and I'm usually resistant. But in this case, I couldn't think of one good argument to counter having a good disposition. =)

In knitting news, the husband's sock went with me, to keep me company and mentally grounded. His sweater needs four rows on a sleeve, and then the front, so I'm totally good for this month's UFO project. (Look at the sidebar! A button!) After that, something spicy and colorful, methinks.


Mama Bear said...

Wow, you manage to post almost everyday!

The meeting sounds great! Nice it was worthwhile.

Love the watercolor post and the bright colors.

The hat looks great. Good job on the UFO's! Hope you don't mind me commenting on several posts at once.

Anonymous said...

A room full of grown up women, sounds heavenly. :)

Heck yeah, love the thigh hiders! I have some for special outfits. hehe

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a great meeting.

I put those No Nonsense things on my shopping list for tonight cuz I want to be a full size smaller :)