Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday musings

This is just a stuff-and-nonsense entry, but I was checking my email this morning, and there was a KnitPicks free download offer. HeeHee. "Valentines Boxer Shorts for him and you," or something close to that. I was giggling even as I clicked on the link. The shorts, by the way, look very nice and official, but if I were going to knit something Valentiney for the husband, it would likely be in a different form, more befitting for the beach, except not.

It is so cold here that I am running from car to building, and making my children do the same. Unbelievably cold, and I have lived in Minnesota, where this is normal. I've been in Michigan for 9 years now, and I think I've acclimated to around 30 degree Fahr. weather for winter. It is below 10 degrees now, and it's a biting cold. I know, because I had to go out at 10:00 last night to pick up my kids, who were at the GIRL SCOUT COOKIES SALE SEND-OFF!!! Sorry. Girl Scout cookies make me want to cheer. Other than the price, which is exorbitant, but they're so yummy!

Knitting, Carrie, knitting.... okay. Same old things in the works, but now I'm thinking about the Holiday Headstart-along I joined. I need to come up with a Christmas gift to knit this month. Mittens, I think, to match the Hermione hat, but I also have some beautiful wool for a three-color hat. Last year was scarves for Christmas - could this year be turning up hats? Perhaps Hat and Mitten Sets, since I've been getting such a head start on this.

I've got a contest perking in my mind, which I told myself I would do when I got 30 subscribers, but things seem to have slowed down. I'm grateful for you 24, so thanks! But I may have to break my rule and run a fun contest, just to take the edge off of winter. Don't worry, it's not a sweater-making contest or anything, or a guess the baby's weight, which is fun, too. Just don't guess what I guessed, kay? Gimme a chance =-)!


Brynne said...

I think my husband is personally very glad that I don't knit his underwear.

And I'm just glad that no one has guessed a 14 pound baby!

AR said...

I saw those unders, and laughed!

Did you get the stat counter up? I bet you'd be surprised by how many hits you get a day. Mine is like 80 - 100 per day!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have tons more readers than the 20 subscribers!

I saw those Valentine's Day boxers, and all I did was laugh too. I can just imagine my hubby's face if I were to knit those!

Cheryl said...

I am, however, still thinking about those edible panties on Knitty...

And not only do I have a boy-toy (who doesn't do undies), he does plumbing, electrical, home repair, and computer stuff. Incredibly useful to have around on all fronts. (And he grew up in Michigan.)