Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well, whoops.

Well, this looks all right, doesn't it? Except that I don't usually knit two things at once. I'm sure some people do, but this is my first time. *blush* The problem is that I started changing the colors from what the pattern wanted, using what I had. That's why it was okay to make for a $10 gift, you know? But of course my charcoal grey and dark green were absolutely indistinguishable from each other. Also, my light color was Wool-Ease, and everything else was Galway 100% wool. The two yarns had a different feel, so I'm off to the yarn shoppe to buy two skeins of wool. HeeHee. That would, of course, put me over the ten dollar limit, but I don't think anyone down there reads this blog, so how will they know? Besides, I won't use all of the skeins, so I can make a hat for Rabbitch with the extra.

I went out to dinner with the husband last night for his company Christmas party and - hooray for me! - I only had one glass of wine, much coffee, and a glass of port with dessert. (That was very good) You know what this means? I don't have to be embarrassed the morning after the company Christmas party!!!! Yay!!!! Let's not even consider how many years I haven't been able to say this, but I think I've finally learned. Now maybe I'll get a new nickname, and will eventually stop being referred to as "that fun girl." Ho Ho. Ho.


g-girl said...

you mean you don't like being known as 'that fun girl??' kidding! One glass of wine was being very good indeed. Way to shed that image. :)

craftybernie said...

I've read blogs of some sock makers who don't worry too much about whether their socks 'match' - whether it be the striping or a slight difference in the pattern etc... But using a different colour for each sock, that's a first! Lol.

Poor you. Never mind. It's always nice to have an excuse to purchase more yarny lovely-ness!

PS I'm just adding you to the Knit1BlogToo ring so you should be getting some e-mails in the next 24hours about this. X

AR said...

Ooh, the Knit1Blogtoo Ring! Yay!