Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Four down, One to go!

Last Christmas party today - hooray! As a kid, holidays used to just wear me out. My parents divorced, and we lived a long way from extended family, so there was much traveling and too many Christmas parties! Can you imagine a kid being tired of opening gifts and going to parties!? Well, that was me. It's easier now that I'm an adult. After New Year's, it is nice and calm until my daughter's birthday in February and my friend's baby coming in March. A whole month of calm! Imagine it! Something is bound to come up... that's just our karma in action over here.

I have a new lurker from that game of games, World of Warcraft. Too much fun, peoples. It actually took me away from Sims, and I refuse to get a PlayStation because there just isn't time for so much gaming and still pretending to have a real life. Hi, Lauri!!! My sweetie and I decided we'd game together, since kids preclude us from going out to the movies. =) The one time we snuck off to see a movie, after 45 minutes of driving chillen to the babysitter (in-laws), it turned out that we saw Rollerball. I know, you're crying in sympathy for me. The other time we got away, a year later, we ended up seeing The Mummy. So now you're probably getting an idea of why we pay thirty bucks a month to stay in.

That's it! More news, but nobody will let me sit here and type. It looks too much like I'm working, and I'm sure these small people are bugging me because they want me to have fun.


AR said...

Calm? Yeah, right! Not with three kids. hehe

At least when they go back to school, we can get together and knit!

Nora said...

I'm glad you survived all the parties! As for me, I've finally answered your 6 weird things meme! It was actually a lot of fun, so thanks for tagging me. x

Anonymous said...

Hee-hee...I'm a recovering gamer ;) It's totally addicting!

My knitting obsession has forced me to spend less time gaming! It seems they're both addicting!

Thanks for putting your "pin" in my Frappr Map!

Happy New Year!