Thursday, December 21, 2006

UFO Challenge 2007

Kat with a K had a great idea, that works so well with my knit-from-the-stash joining from Wendyknits. Work on one UFO (unfinished object) each month in 2007 - and more than just a token row or two. Or if you hate a UFO, frog it. That counts too. Great idea, ay? Think of all of the guilt I'll be getting rid of! I signed up. I also bought three skeins of yarn today, but it was a new yarn shop, and I've been wanting to try the Trekking XXL yarn, just to see what all the fuss was about, and I needed blue for a friend's child's mittens, and I needed the variegated for the FakeIsle hat.... phew! I feel so much better now that I've confessed. I'm going to cast them all on tonight so that I can use them for UFOs! HeeHee. This is going to be easy....and fun.

Oh, and I bought these cute little bamboo needles, size 1 U.S., because I thought they'd be fun for socks. Budget, Carrie, budget... does anyone have a dictionary? Well, I'm pretty sure no one was getting me needles for Christmas, so if you could all just join me in the "I Wish Me a Merry Christmas" song, I'd appreciate it... or hum a few bars. I'm not picky.

More pics tomorrow, hopefully of casting on!!!


Jeanne said...

Very nice stash enhancement - great colorway on the Trekking.

Mama Bear said...

Great yarn. Buying yarn and starting all the FO's... I like the way you think LOL

The penguin in the earlier post is very cute. Have you ever seen the penguin olive H’orderves? Fun for parties.

Catching up and enjoying your various projects. The fingerless gloves look great!

Nora said...

Meme next week - PROMISE! x

AR said...

Ahh! As soft as it looks, too! hehe

I can't wait to see how your Fake Isle turns out.

Laura B said...

Wow, you're all over the challenge scene. It's too funny that you're actually starting projects so that you'll have ufos.

TheAmpuT said...

It used to be that I bought myself a gift for every three or so I got for others. It is now oficially about a 1 to 1 ratio. My stash got bigger...and I'm joining the knit from stash challenge, too.