Monday, June 16, 2008

WorldWide Knit In Public Day

Did you know? Saturday was Worldwide Knit In Public Day. My LYS owner says Knit in Public day began just a few years ago, and what a great idea it was! Kids came with their parents, my good friends were there, and we got to play with a bunch of yarn and sharp needles. People driving by slowed down and smiled at us, and when we got tired of sitting too long, the kids and I had a tickle fight. Not just mine, either, but every kid there, because who can resist a good tickle fight?

A very nice woman came by and took our picture for the paper, which was so fun for the kids, and then we all sat with her and talked scarf patterns. I didn't get her name, but it's neat how there are just so many knitters everywhere. I hope our LYS puts one of these public events on again, and it would be even better if I didn't have to wait a year for her to do it. It was great to be somewhere and tell the kids that I was supposed to knit, and they couldn't keep asking me for stuff. Go play, kids. That's why we are at a park. In fact, I may just take this thing a little further and institude my own new rule: Get your own stuff while mommy is knitting. Heh.

Here's a quick snapshot of what I've been up to, while I've been avoiding my sock nightmares. On the bottom of the pile is my graph paper for designing dungeons for our kids to imagine they're fighting monsters through. In the middle is the new Spin-Off magazine, which has so much good information in it, great pictures and articles - basically everything I could want a spinning magazine to give me. Next to the top is my thoughts notebook, with Orlando Bloom on the cover. I don't open this notebook much, but I do enjoy it, anyway. And on the top, some merino/silk that I'm spinning thin (and probably too tight) to two-ply for some cabled gloves. I really hope the sheen stays after I've spun it, because it's such beautiful roving. The reason I think I'm spinning it too tightly is because, unlike my Orlando notebook, I actually open the spinning magazine. And apparently, as tight as I'm spinning this roving, it could end up like rope when I'm done. Who knew? I thought spinning tightly kept your yarn from breaking, but this makes sense, too. I have been to handspinning sites on the web, and I'm just not finding as much information as I'd like. So I'm doing what I actually prefer to do, anyway, which is learning what everyone else already knows. It's a character flaw, but I'm old enough now that I just try to embrace it and not feel guilty.


Cheryl S. said...

Some of our local SnB group went to the opening day of our Farmer's Market on Saturday to KIP, but I couldn't go because I had a houseguest.

AR said...

Lil AR & I had so much fun Saturday. Yes, that kind of meet up KIP-ing has to happen more often.

Hehe, I use my Orlando & Johnny notebooks for knitting, too.

*Love me some Pirates*

Rachel said...

I know not a thing about spinning...but I do know I really like those colors that you are working on...I hope it works out for the cabled gloves...they'll be beautiful!

Carrie K said...

I KIP'd on my porch. Was not in a social mood but then it turns out I was coming down with something, so just as well.

You like reinventing the wheel? lol. That's the best way to learn actually.

Jennifer said...

I didn't get out to my LYS for the WWKIP day. I was there in spirit. And hey, does it count that I knit during my kids' swim lessons today?