Friday, October 12, 2007

You know it's bad when...

I have been working hard all week, trying to catch up on the laundry. I finally made it to the bottom of the hamper, and I found two onesies and a lacy little sock. Could it really have been three years since I was last down to the bottom of the hamper with the laundry??? Holy cow! Suffice it to say, the third baby kicked my butt, and let's all go home. Where all the babies are. Yikes.

I need batteries for the camera! Batteries that don't come from the gas station, at five bucks a pop, and will wear out after six pictures. Grrr. I've been knitting mittens, cuz it's gettin cold. Every time I'm done with one of these little fellas, I smile and pat it and just look at it for awhile. They're so neat, with their little sticking out thumb, and I always think of the kids making snowmen when I look at them. They're as fun as socks, easier, what with no heel, and a quicker pay-off, even if I make adult ones. Could be the size 4 needles, but fun nonetheless. I used to really hate making the thumbs, but then I started saving that sort of knitting for when I was on the phone. It's very brainless, and I don't even notice that I don't like doing it. Now that I've been making mittens for a few years, the thumbs don't even bother me. Phone therapy. It's for more than best friends.

So I'll pick up batteries today, and more pictures of thumbs coming soon! I'll also post my super simple mitten pattern, which is an amalgam of patterns I've been using for years. Mitten patterns, plain knitted ones like I usually do, are not difficult. I've memorized mine, and if I need to add more stitches, it's not like I spent a week knitting something that doesn't work. My mom goes ahead and finishes the mittens in the wrong size and donates them to our elementary school. Mittens are that painless to knit, that she'll knit the wrong size, even if she knows it before the first mitten is done. Gotta love that kind of dedication to not ripping back.

Someone send a little luck my way. I'm watching a two-year-old for the whole night tonight and day tomorrow, and she's never been here before. Any little prayer will do, but if you send one for me to get any sleep, that would be most appreciated. Have a great day!


Mouse said...

If you've got the extra cash.. I'd spring for some of those Duracell or Energizer digital batteries, the ones specifically for digital cameras. I was skeptical when my husband told me to buy them but they REALLY made a difference in the life of my camera. YMMV though.

LaurieM said...

I recommend blowing the two year old some bubbles. The child chases the bubbles, and gets tired and clean at the same time!

Cheap too! :-)

Oh, and I'm like your mom too. If I'm knitting socks that won't fit me, I'll just keep knitting them and save them for a gift. Unless I really love the yarn and must have it. Then I'll rip.

Anonymous said...

Wooooo, GOOD LUCK. Besides, who knows, the 2 year-old may have so much fun with you guys & get so tired out, she'll sleep great. I hope so!

I still want to make mittens, although I have no use for them, lol. They just look fun.

Flyin' Needles said...

Rechargeable batteries are the way to go!

I'm sending smooth-sleep-over lotsa-rest vibes your way.

Tala said...

Oooh, looking forward to the mitten recipe! I just finished spinning some pink/purple/white wool angora roving for mittens for Ella - just have to ply and start knitting. A toddler-sized tried-and-true mitten would be great!

Jennifer said...

I'd love to see your basic mitten pattern! I always knit mittens and hats for my kids as the "mommy special" Christmas gift.

Good luck with the 2 year old!