Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look Who's Three!

Some birthday pics to share! Here's the birthday girl, pleased as can be.

And a really bad picture of a really easy cake. The only way I can explain the really terribleness of this picture is that I always decorate the cakes after the kids are in bed, so this was taken around midnight. No good light, and the flash made it look gruesome (what? yeah, yeah. You should have seen it with the flash).

Much bubble blowing was done,

Including this great big one, that's about to be demolished by my mother-in-law. Heh.

Last minute, my nieces decided to sleep over the night before the birthday party, and I put those little girls to work! Washing, dusting, watering plants... a godsend, really. And my husband thought I was crazy =) Heh. Guess we ladies showed him. Not much knitting has been done, other than the wool socks (and yes, it's still too hot for that, but it's all I got). I did spend much time going through patterns, though, so the creative process is at work. This morning I go see Goldilocks and the Three Bears, performed by some very young but talented kids, then off to knit with Arleta - yay! Well, I'll be spinning, since I can only seem to get any done there. I know it's just the way kids are, but when I try to spin at home, someone always needs me to fetch something. I've considered cordoning off the living room, or at least my part of it, with the ribbon you see at movie theatres. "Do not pass this line."


Brigitte said...

The cake looks yummy! Not scary at all.

Glad it was a good day! Happy Birthday!

Jennifer said...

What a cute cake! Looks like the party was lots of fun.

Romi said...

OMGosh! The cake is completely adorable!

AR said...

The cake looks so fun, and the birthday girl looks so happy!

Anonymous said...

Try crime scene tape :)

The birthday girl not only looks pleased as can be, she looks as cute as can be, too!

I love your cake; when my daughter was young I used to make that type of cake - the shaped pans and using the star tip on the frosting. Easy to do and the kids always thought they were great!

LaurieM said...

Happy birthday! What a ham! She's so cute and I think your cake turned out great.

Laura B said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You're a great mom!

crzjane said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl! (she is just too cute.)
I love the cake. Easy is the only way to go. Wilton makes great cake pans.
I like the idea of "taping off your corner" But I think electric fence (at a low vaultage not enough to hurt just enough to get the point across) might work better. (just kidding)

Nora said...

YAY! 3!! Happy (belated) birthday sweet girl. x

Carrie K said...

Happy Birthday!

And the cake looks as cute as the birthday girl. Which is VERY cute.