Thursday, August 23, 2007


Finally, my package for the Dishrag Tag came, and it was the most joyful 90 minutes of my week. After opening it up, I found a very awesome dishcloth, nice and large, and some gifties! A mini-stocking blocker and instructions for making those itty bitty little socks, as well as stitch markers and extra dishcloth yarn! Yay, and many thanks to Carol!

As fast as I could, I knitted up one of the skeins, and put in two fresh ones, plus the dishcloth, to send to Kathy, for her turn. I also put in a soap sock and some stitch markers made by my good friend Arleta, who graciously agreed to run home for me and get them, so I could get my package to the post office sooner. You gotta love friends.

Then, in complete disregard of my husband's opinions on the matter, I tossed all the kids at our knitting group on top of the car and let them pose with the dishcloth. They had fun, and it took me back to the summers of my youth, when people didn't care if kids climbed all over their cars. Paint job, schmaint job. He can consider this, in effect, telling him that I put kids on the car, since he should be reading my blog like any other good husband. Heehee.

And here's some picks of Arleta's new obsession, spinning (and winding), and the box that she takes everywhere with her, cuz she doesn't want to be caught without her roving. So cute! It just makes me happy seeing all of those colors, most of which, by the way, she dyed her very own self. She's a wizard with color, I tell you.

And as to colors and wizardry, I have to recommend Amy from Spunky Electric. She has a huge selection of rovings, yarns, et cetera (those are the two I search through), and her customer service rocks. She's answered many questions for me, even when I had a tight hold on my purse strings, and she's always been extremely quick to respond, and very friendly. When I have money, I spend it on her. That's my plug for the week, and I'm not the only one who thinks she has a great store. So check it out, if you're an on-line shopper.


Carrie K said...

They're so cute! Paint jobs. Priorities man!

Nice haul there! Going the dish-tance? Oh no, she didn't go there!

tatjana said...

Haha! You're so cute, running to get your dishclith package to the post :) Yes, Arleta is a dear, and spinning like mad it seems! I love the pics of summer in your last post - gorgeous!! Thanks for your kind support about the hunny, thankfully I've been more curious than worried lately about how it's going to go. We'll see! ;D

AR said...

Jeeshe! I look like a dork! Hahah

The girls all look so cute, but you didn't tell how the baby decided she wanted live on the car!

And, I just have to say you are absolutely right about keeping handmade gifts. I've given it alot of thought, and they are way too special to regift. I never have, I always feel so great when someone has taken the time and love to make something especially for me. :)

See ya tomorrow!

Robert said...

You know how hard it is to un-dent a hood? :)

Robert said...

I guess I have to agree with you though... :) we worry too much about stuff like car hoods... look at those happy kids. I hope I'm not turning into grumpy-dad *shudder*.

Anonymous said...

Nice package! And nice dishcloth.

I know, who cares about the car? Come on, it's FUN. LOL, men.

AR said...

Do you know how hard it is to undent a hood? Hahahaha LOL
Men! Hehe

Kathy said...


The dishrag top of the car is a winner!

Thank you sooooooo much for my pretty dishrag and presents. I love the soap and needed some more stitch markers!

I am so happy I got the box out at a very respectable rate. It is off to Jill in kansas now.

Anonymous said...

Hey stranger! (I know - I am a pathetic excuse for a blogger.)

I love the picture of the kids and it reminds me of my youth too. What a beautiful bunch of girlies! :-)

Jen said...

Who cares about the car? The kids are having fun! That's really what matters right?! ;)

Next time...I'm hoping to make into the dishrag tag!