Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So Many Pretty Things

This shawl knitalong has been so much fun. I can't even tell you. It has gone far beyond anything that I may have expected of it, though I didn't really think of the ending when I was at the beginning, you know? Just seeing people finishing up and showing off their work is so inspiring! I am now a shawl addict, and I've only finished one myself. But I've gotten to enjoy many, many more. And I love the pictures where people are modeling the shawls. They look so happy!

With everyone finishing up and getting close, does this mean that summer is almost over? Now I wonder if we should have been knitting slower, make summer last longer... Oh, don't look so nervous! There's weeks and weeks left. No reason to go school clothes shopping yet. Deep in denial is a good place to be.

Asa from knittingnutter has nearly finished her shawl - just binding off! This is the most current picture I have, but I'll be putting up the new one as soon as she does!

Brigitte is four rows from finishing Kiri!

LaurieM is working on the border of her Frost Flowers and Leaves.

Tala's Luna Moth shawl is racing along.

Here is Cheryl with her curved shawl, which is looking great.

Jen of Out of the Basket has finished her Cozy shawl, and her daughter looks lovely posing with it. Beautiful work! Congratulations on being done!

I am so very, very impressed with everyone's knitting. I keep chattering on about it while my husband is trying to work. I'd better go now. Great job, you knitters! Keep rocking on!


Beth said...

You should come to the shop and play with me sometime!
I wish I would have joined this knit along but I know it would have been a bust with all of the craziness that has been my summer.
Beautiful shawls. Makes me want to cast on.
By the way, I'm talking to Sharon Winsauer about teaching a class at the shop.

AR said...

Ooh! Everyone is doing so great! The shawls are gorgeous!
I am still where I was last week with Lil Ar's shawl, all I've done is spin!

Liz said...

No shawl progress here lately, but this post has given me a kick in the right direction...these all look great! Anyone who's finished with theirs is welcome to swing by MD and work a repeat on mine...only about 30 left! Ha.

Cheryl S. said...

Summer will be lasting a bit longer for me, at least! At the rate I'm going on the shawl, it may last until Halloween. ;-)

Carrie K said...

All those gorgeous shawls! Knit them in the summer, wear them in the Fall/winter?

Anonymous said...! Wow, everyone's projects are so beautiful. Just give me some more hours in the day!

Tala said...

Thanks for posting the pics! I have GOT to get back on the lace shawl horse, so to speak! I haven't been working on it at all since!

I do love the color changes in Trekking! Definitely a close favorite! Glad you liked the batts - you definitely need more spindles! Even with a wheel, I have 6 or 8 spindles, too!

Jennifer said...

Everyone's shawls are so gorgeous!

Brigitte said...

Aw, thanks Carrie! I really hope to have a finished and blocked Kiri by weekend's end. Wow, everyone's shawls look great!! May just inspire me to make another one (just not with KSH...we just don't get along that well!).