Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sun, fun, and a Happy Birthday to Mom!

I have two blog entries in the works - yay me! The first I wanted to share, though, was Friday, when my nieces stayed the night, and Arleta and her daughter came over. Water balloon fights! Whee! All was going well, until Arleta suggested I wasn't wet enough, and they ganged up on me. *sigh* What could I do? I had to go and get the hose to defend myself. There were just too many of them, and only the one of me. Actually, Arleta got much more soaked than I did, and she was probably a better sport about it. And afterward, nice tasty summer watermelon. Only a few more weeks of this sort of action, so we're enjoying it all we can.

That morning, I decided to work a bit on my Christmas gifts, and got out the Hermione mitten to go with the hats I made and put away. I put it on, added stitches to the thumb, tried it on again, decided it needed to be a bit longer... then decided that either my hands were large-ish, or I hadn't worked gauge out correctly. I have always believed myself to be fairly normally put together (thanks, mom!), so it had to be gauge. I tugged out the mitten and cast on again. The Hermione pattern is much fun, and I'd suggest it to anyone. This mitten was just too snug for me, and I couldn't deceive myself any longer about it. "Blocking out" isn't a theory that works well with mittens, since they'll just revert to their previous shape when you actually use them in the snow. *sigh*

I did put some girls to knitting their own gifts. Look at the concentration on their faces! Much good comes of passing these things on. In a few years, I see many gifts coming my way... *crossing fingers*

And on a final note for this part of my entry, look at the neat stitch markers! Arleta makes and sells em, very darned reasonably, too, if you're searching for a cute little gift. She has an Etsy shop, also. I buy these things and tuck them in all over the place. One of these goes to my mom (Happy Birthday, Mom!), and one goes as a prize to the Dishrag Tag.

And, last but never least, let's all join together to a hummed rendition of Happy Birthday to Mom.... as she's a great lady, and works very hard to always be there for all of us. If there was a medal for "Heart", she'd be wearing a load of them. Thanks, Mom, for everything! Have a great day!


Liz said...

That looks like so much fun! Knitting needles for everyone! And I will have to get myself some of those stylish stitch markers one of these days...

AR said...

Aww! I love the pic of your mom with the girls. Happy Birthday to Her!! :)

Thanks for the compliments on the stitch markers! I should get busy and make some more.

The water balloons were so fun. Hehe, I was so wet!! said...

Ahh, it warms my heart to see the next generation pick up the art of knitting - how cute they look.

Romi said...

Happy birthday Carrie's Mom!

I love water fights. :)

Nora said...

This was a lovely post - two of my favourite bloggers together. Did you go to a park of is that vast expanse of land your place?? (Can you tell I live in the city!?)

Happy birthday to your mum. x

Carrie K said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

The stitchmarkers are really cute.

Good for you, getting the next generation hooked!

Brigitte said...

Happy Birthday Carrie's Mom!

Kiri's done! I just need to block her out (once I find suitable real estate that's kitty free!).

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a fun, fun time! AR does make some nice stitch markers.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Love that picture of the girls knitting :)

Jen said...

Looks like a great time. Water baloons are the best summer fun!

Happy birthday Carrie's mom!

That's great your girls know how to knit already. My 9 and 6 yr olds are working on dishcloths for Grandma for Christmas. =)

Rachel said...

Love the mittens pattern! I've been asked to do my fingerless gloves but make them into mittens...hmmmm. Not sure about that! I don't think I'm at that point yet!

Are you going to start another shawl anytime soon? I'm about to I think...finally settled to Kiri for my mom's Xmas present...and I think I just found the yarn! Happy ordering to me!

BTW--very cute picture of engrossed kids!

Jennifer said...

Oh, you guys had so much fun! I love me a good water balloon fight.

Hermione mittens are a fun, fun knit. Are you going to give it another go?