Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Y'all are so nice!

I have been getting more and more frustrated these last couple of weeks, as I type in search phrase after search phrase, trying to figure out how to wash the bunny wool after I've gathered it off the bunnies. Finally, I decided to bug someone who had no reason to help me. Every time I'm driven to this point, I cringe because I'm worried I'm about to annoy someone, but I don't know what else to do. I found the site of a lady who has many German Angora bunnies, and she seems to really know her stuff. (Hi, Leslie!) She lets them play outside and breeds them and shears them, even. So I emailed her and prayed she didn't mind giving me a little information, even though I am nowhere near Virginia, where she lives, and I can't possibly frequent her store for wool. And she emailed me back within hours, and was very encouraging! Every time (so far) I've had to rely on the kindness of strangers, I haven't been disappointed. It gives you a warm glow to think people will just help people, and there are so many more nice people out there than rotten ones. I gotta get out more, because the news has warped my sense of my fellow man. This woman also sent me a link to a very helpful English Angora site that had come up on none of my search phrases. Very weird. When in desperation you ask Google, “What do I do with my English Angora roving?”, you ought to get a couple of sites about English Angoras and their roving. Come to find out, it's actually called wool, when it's right off the rabbits, and guess what else? There's no washing involved! Heehee. You can spin it right away, or dye it, or whatever, because it's very clean when it comes off the bunnies. And there's different grades of wool, depending on which part of the rabbit it came from. The finest is from the back and sides, where the hair is the longest. The second best is from the bib and belly, as it's a bit shorter. (My, but it's soft, though) And the worst, and most unclean, comes from the back of the bunny, and is good for bird nest liners, not for spinning at all. Yay! So I promised myself I would blog about this, and put in my Google search phrase, in case someone else is desperate enough to type in “What do I do” in regards to Angora bunnies.

I guess it's going to snow here this week, and it's late enough in the year that it's probably going to be serious about it. So I need to make my oldest a hat to go with her mittens, and quit fooling around with trying to knit a pattern into the hat. It needs to get done! And I need to come up with some kind of gift for my grandmother, since we're celebrating her birthday this Friday, a week early! I never know what to get her, so I'm thinking a gift basket with dishcloths, soaps, something, something. I would welcome any thoughts anyone has on good gift ideas to make when you're down to the last few days.

One of the final participants in the shawl KAL has finished! Liz has made a beautiful shawl called Cozy, and it looks just so great. If you get a chance, pop over to her blog and tell her. I'm going to call the Summer Knitalong officially done, and I'm very sorry if you didn't finish yours and you were playing. It's just time to admit summer is over. I am so glad that everyone wanted to play, and we got such beautiful shawls out of this fun event! This definitely won't be my last blog contest or game or fiber drawing, or however you want to categorize it that gets you excited. With my busy schedule as a stay-at-home mom, even though I'm always running, this blog gives me a connection with other people that I'm usually too busy to make with the folks I see every day. Here I can sit and concentrate on what you all say, what your thoughts are, how you like something. I think about blogs I've read while I do the dishes or read Pooh one more time. I have a lot of fun with this on-line talking and reading.

Now that we're getting only a month or so from the big holiday, Christmas, I'm wishing I had taken more time over the summer to keep up with the Christmas knitting. I got two hats completed. There's so much that I want to make, and there's no way I can do it by the holidays. Maybe I'll hit the candle store and make it easy on myself =)


Mouse said...

There was a woman who used to frequent a large craft show next to my parents house when I was growing up.. and she sold angora products from her rabbits. She was a weaver (as far as I can remember) and would spin her own angora yarn STRAIGHT FROM the bunny in her lap! This was the first time I'd ever seen a spinning wheel or an angora rabbit but I was hooked. As soon as we move from this house, I'm buying angora rabbits!!

Carrie K said...

Isn't it nice when the kindness of strangers is kind? Awesome about Lesley & her info!

Summer is over? Christmas is coming? Where DO you get your ideas? ;)

Tala said...

Glad to hear someone helped with the bunny info - I never would have known you didn't have to clean the fiber in any way!

Your batts are on their way - hope you like them! Let me know if there's something else you need!

Liz said...

No Carrie, YOU are so nice! I mean, it's not everyone who would extend summer all the way into November just for me. I'm touched.

And glad to hear you solved the bunny mystery. Isn't the Internet wonderful? It's great to make these kinds of connections. Have fun with the bunny fur/hair/roving/wool. :)

Anonymous said...

I know, I stay away from the news, too...otherwise, I'd think the whole world was crazy.

I think fiber people in general seem to be very kind, so I'm happy someone could help you! I'm sure your information about the bunny wool will help someone who doesn't know who to ask.

Even though summer is over, I'm still going to finish my stole (yeah, right). Thanks for hosting this fun event!

AR said...

When I glanced at that pic, I thought it was our friend Cindy. mmmm bunny wool.