Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesdays are for Drama

As in, I can't find anything, because I've been cleaning my house so people can come over. Why doesn't it look like other people's pretty houses yet?

Oh, and some drama because one of my bunnies thinks he's tougher than me.... right now he's right. Poor little furry thing gets right under my guard, and you can't force him to submit to the brush, cuz that would be wrong, wrong, wrong. But it's all very frustrating. I do believe he's grown up and gotten his own personality, darn it.

And what in the world do you feed the kids when you don't want to fill the fridge up with leftovers before Thanksgiving???

And why can't I have the yarn I ordered from the store?!? I refuse to cast anything on, because I know I'm about to dive into a big project, so I just keep walking around working on the husband's socks. He'll be happy soon, though, cuz with nothing else on the needles, these babies should fly. The yarn I ordered is for a sweater for my second child, and she wants to design it. Now that I think of it, second grade was when my first daughter wanted to design her own sweater. Perhaps I should be discussing this with their teacher....

Oh, and of course Tuesday is for drama club, where 21 kids and *ahem* me, try to sort out what we're doing in two weeks for the Christmas program. Actually, my husband is there, too, but I'm meaner and yellier - is that a word? - so I feel like it's me and 21 kids debating for who gets to talk. He stays out of the way and calmly watches until I turn on him like a cat and hiss, "Do something!" Then he calmly gets their attention. *sigh* I had to have missed a class on communication somewhere along the way.

No knitting to show but a sad little brown sock... and this blue hat, which is too big. But I have accepted the challenge, thrown down the gauntlet, become a more determined individual. I will make this hat submit, since it isn't little and furry and doesn't have feelings. I will win. (It fits me great, but it's not meant for me, is it?)

That's enough drama for now =)


Tala said...

I am SO the meaner and yellier one with our daughter, too! And it is hissing just like a cat, isn't it?

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a good day, and there was a book in the bag - "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" the book that the Showtime show's based on - I love me a good serial killer!

So exciting about your daughter wanting to design her own sweater - mine is at that age where she tells me she doesn't like anything I knit for her (darn her!)

Anonymous said...

Of course yellier is a word - it must be because it describes me perfectly ;-)

I used to have bunnies and they certainly do grow up to have VERY STRONG personalities. The first bunny we had was extremely intelligent, but he was also very strong willed!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, your drama club should go well today.

But I had no idea bunnies could be that way. Who knew??

Carrie K said...

Those brutal bunnies and their tyrannical ways.

Too bad about your yarn but it is good for the DH's socks!

Cheryl S. said...

Conquer the hat! I had to start over 3 times before I got it at a size that didn't seem way too big or too small.