Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday To You....

(key the off-note singing)

Happy Birthday to you! (How do you put in music signs???)

Happy Birthday, Arleta.

Happy Birthday to you!

Arleta shares a birthday with some notables, not the least of which is Moon Unit Zappa, Brigitte Bardot and Al Capp, who wrote the Lil' Abner cartoons.

Some pretty great events in history happened on the 28th of September, also. Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo landed his ship at what we now call San Diego Bay. The World Series was seen in all its colorful glory for the first time this day in 1955. In 1968 (getting closer), the Beatles rode the nearly seven-minute-long "Hey Jude" to the top of the charts for a nine week-run starting this day.

And at some sooner, but unnamed year (you're welcome, AR), our friend and friendly blogger came into the world, causing much mischief and entertainment. Have a great day!


AR said...

Aww! A whole post for a special day! Thank you! How sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice birthday post for Arleta. You're a good friend.

p.s. the fiber you gave her is gorgeous!

Tala said...

Happy Birthday Arleta!

The chevron scarf is great - you'll love it! I resisted it for some time because I wasn't sure I liked the way it looked (it reminded me too much of the feather and fan stitch, which I don't like) but it was easy to memorize, fun to watch as the colors changed, and quick! Enjoy!