Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shawl Pics and a fiber drawing!

I'm a little at loose ends this morning, so I've been working on a dishcloth - nice, brainless, perfect for thinking. You see, in Comments t'other day, RC suggested I check out, and I thank her. I was really elated to check out the site, because I've been spinning without instruction all along. I had some questions! But it didn't take long to find out that I had spun my two-ply backward - or, rather, *not* backward, which was wrong. Do not spin your plies in the same direction they were originally spun, Carrie. Naughty, naughty.

Okay, I made a mistake. I should have seen it coming, and not wasted all that time spinning (though, gosh, it was fun) without instruction. To quote my three-year-old: "Dangit." So I had to just stop and think for a bit, and I've decided it won't be that big of a deal to reverse spin the yarn. Man, I hope I'm right.

Oh, oh! Pictures of beautiful shawls being knit this summer! I have two more updates - for now, anyway. You have all been busy knitting, and I love looking at your progress. The first update I found was Arleta's, with her Sagittaria, which I have seen in person, and it's so beautiful. And she's nearly done! Can't wait to see modeling photos.

The second update is for Jenni's shawl, which is moving right along, also! She's two-thirds of the way done, so on the home stretch, as well. I love this lacy design. It's all very motivating, people. Beautiful, beautiful work.

What's that? You say I offered fiber for one of my KAL participants? No, I haven't forgotten. It's just that I've had a sad event happening around me for the last month, and other things working against me, like not having a camera to snap pictures with when I wanted to. And I haven't mentioned my car being vandalized, but I may have been distracted lately. But at last! First, let me list the participants of the Shawl KAL. And Helen, may I say, I haven't heard from you since you first left a comment, and it appears you're blogless (or I can't find yours, at any rate). Silly girl. How have you been doing?

Here they are:

Asa, Carrie, Erin, Tala, Arleta, Liz, Jennifer, Brigitte, Beth, Helen, Cheryl, Jenni, Del, Laurie, Rachel and Lella. I love linking. I do. It's fun.

So that made 16 participants, and thank you all for joining up. It's absolutely great to have an idea, and find people so willing to play your game. The fiber I chose for a prize is a laceweight, 70% Alpaca/30 % Silk, called Fino, by Alpaca with a Twist. It measures at 3.5 ounces (100 grams) and is 875 yards. It's the only Alpaca/Silk sold at my LYS, and that's the kind I wanted. I haven't tried it out yet myself, but I'm going to. And doesn't alpaca and silk just sound nice? I picked a very pretty green for the color, and I hope the winner likes it. I have used the entirely random method of allowing my three-year-old to draw a number out of a hat, and the winner is .... Jenni! Congratulations! I'll be getting ahold of you via email or comment on your blog. And keep knitting, people. This isn't the end. I just hate saying that I'm going to give fiber, and then getting distracted by my life. Keep sending pictures, because we're still watching your progress =) And just to keep people happy, I'll have another drawing at the end of the summer, after we've enjoyed all of the photos.


Cabled Sheep said...

The 'Fino' is a great choice, I loved using it for Icarus, and I'm sure Jenni will love it too. Sorry to hear you've been going through some tough times - hope everything clears up for you soon.

RC said...

wow the shawls look georgous!!!!

glad I could help with the spinning... there are a TON of yahoo groups for spinners too..

email me cbast25 at yahoo dot com

I'll send you the groups and answer any spinning questions I can!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness!!! I've only won 2 things in my life! I'm excited! This is news I needed to read today!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Jenni...that yarn sounds fantastic!

AR said...

Yay, Jenni!

Thanks for sharing my pics, Carrie!
A pre-blocking-post-casting-off photo will be coming up soon! After the Little Diva does some Webkinz!! :)

Carrie K said...

The shawls look great! Mine is a little in limbo, what with the renovation of the house and having no where to sit. I'm not a person who can sit at the kitchen table, it turns out.

Vandalized car? Uh oh.

Carol said...

Wow, there's a whole lotta lacin' going on! Sorry to hear about your car, that really bites. If people would just properly channel their "artistic" abilities, imagine what a beautiful place the world could be. Here's some good vibes and a cyber hug. I've been scarce cause I have internet connection issues 2 B fixed :)

Brigitte said...

Yay Jenni! Lucky girl!

Beautiful projects, wow, everyone is so creative!

Bummer on the crappy month so far. I'm hoping things should pick up for you!