Thursday, July 05, 2007

A New Shawl Participant!

Allow me introduce you to Rachel Cook, another blogger to fall under the shawl spell.... well, I'm not sure it's strictly a spell, but it's certainly my newest fascination. She's just started her Forest Canopy Shawl, in a pretty variegated yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing this one come along, as I've checked out the pattern, and it's for beginning lace knitters! Perfect for me! So I'm going to watch as Rachel gives this one a test run, and live vicariously through her. Don't you just love the yarn she chose? I think it goes perfectly with the name of the pattern. Very foresty and subtle. Love it.

As for my shawl, as so nicely requested by Bridgitte, you'll be seeing it very soon! I'm doing the bind-off, but as there are 377 stitches, and it's not a straight bind-off, but some little picot thing, I'll probably not get it done tonight. Still, if there are enough CSI: Miami shows on, you never know! In the spirit of hope and support, my husband ran into town and got me 150 straight pins. I don't think that's enough, but I'll raid my stash. Plus I'll try the dental floss thing for the straight edges, and hope for the best. In the meantime, here is a picture of Bridgitte's Kiri shawl she's got going on. She's using Kidsilk Haze, and it's pretty, pretty. I love the slight fuzziness of this yarn.

Oh, and after I get my shawl blocked and the pictures up (ooo, I can't wait!) I'm going to do the random drawing for some fiber! I'm thinking fingering weight yarn, as that's what I used. I mean, what else would you give as a prize for a shawl KAL, but shawl yarn? But I've admitted many times over that I'm a novice, so if there is another yarn weight that works best for shawls, is more generally accepted, et cetera, please leave a comment to me about it. I haven't purchased the prize yet, so I am easily persuadable at this point. Knit on, people! I'm certainly having fun, and I hope you are, too!


Carrie K said...

Pretty shawls! Fingering weight/lace weight are the norms, but you can actually knit shawls out of anything, depending on pattern and gauge.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for posting my pic!!! Isn't KSH just wonderful?

OK, 377 stitches to cast off... You will need a CSI marathon.

Jennifer said...

Lurvely shawls!

I agree with Carrie K. Shawls can be in any weight yarn, but most patterns I see are for laceweight or fingering weight yarns.

AR said...

Gorgeous shawls! I can't wait to see yours when it's all blocked.

You'll have to tell me about the dental floss thing, too.

I'm almost to chart 3 on my shawl. If I'd have been able to knit at all for the last few days, I'd be much farther!

Rachel said...

Thanks for posting my shawl Carrie! I'm also curious about the dental floss idea...I'm sure I can get through the knitting part of the shawl but blocking may be a whole other issue!

zippiknits said...

Ooops, this is where I probably should have asked about joining, too. I have Gretchen, a Pi shawl in silk fingering weight, and you can see that I'm not doing well on it by the chart on my blog. It's been on the needles for several months.