Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pictures Update!

It's really gardening season here, but the weeds are going crazy. So much for fertilizer - the grass loves it! So I've been uprooting and uprooting, but at least my daughter is helping me. We're really having fun, pulling up a little weed, then showing each other how much root was hiding under it. I know, at least, that I'm going to look back on this age with her and be glad we did things like weeding the garden. Then, when I'm older and remembering (most likely by reading my own blog), I can think, "Well, I didn't knit all the time!"

Besides gardening, we're cleaning up the house for the big birthday party tomorrow. The littlest one shall be four years old, and much to-do is being made of her. I've taken pics of her in her new party dress, which she has already stained, so she'll be wearing a shirt and skirt tomorrow. I've also taken a picture of the prairie costume I made for my oldest which, thankfully, I've been able to lend out to a friend already. It would have been too much work for something that will only be worn once. You'd think I could save it for the other two girls, but they've already become quite cavalier about my sewing, and they want their own dresses. We're suddenly very Anne of Green Gables around here, growing our own crops and sewing our own clothes. I do believe cancelling the satellite was the best thing I've done so far as a parent. They're reading all the time, building worm farms and trying to hatch dragon eggs. Right now they're following a map for buried treasure. All they need to find is an island with a volcano, to start measuring from.

Check out this picture of the kids playing tug-of-war in their dresses. Too funny! Only the boys let themselves get dragged through the mud, the girls staying appropriately proper, yet still kicking butt in the game. Heh!

And finally, yes, I do knit. Here is a picture of the youngest in a striped sweater. I don't even remember the name of the yarn, but it's self-striping, DK weight, and washable, of course. It's roomy on her yet, which is good, because she has several other sweaters that fit her right now. I don't really think of myself as knitting all the time, but when I look at the kids' closets, they're in pretty good shape. =)


Anonymous said...

Very Anne of Green Gables, lol. I love it! You're so multi-talented, I'm sure the girls will look back on their childhoods with much fondness. Hope the little one has a great birthday. The striped cardigan is adorable!

knitalittle said...

A world without T.V. I love it. We do T.V. time out for a week sometimes 2 and the kids find other things to do.

AR said...

Happy Birthday!! What a cute bunch of girls you have.

Lil AR can't wait to wear the dress tomorrow for her field trip to the one room school house. I'll be sure to take some pics before they go. She loves it, and next year she'll go on the field trip to the other 'old-time' place. Wonder if the dress you made will still fit her, so she could use it again. hehe

(Or I could learn to sew)

Rachel said...

It's amazing how much you can get done! Cute dresses and nice striped sweater!

I think it's great you cut satellite nice to hear that your kids actually read! Bravo!

Carrie K said...

She looks so cute in her party dress. Hope the party was fun!

Amazing how many other things there are to do without a TV on.

Jennifer said...

Adorable pics of the kids. Yay for being all Anne of the Green Gables and whatnot. :-)